• 4 on 4 Fans: TJ Hawke, WellYoureWrong, Shakil, Enrique (PWG Edition)

    Welcome to the latest edition of Four on Four.  As always, we’ve chosen four of the most entertaining and intelligent wrestling fans on Twitter and decided to peer into their minds four questions at a time. This week, we have a PWG theme leading into BoLA weekend. Let’s meet the panel:

    TJ Hawke: Runs FreeProWrestling (GREAT SITE!). Gabe Sapolsky thinks he’s a woman. Is sorry about yo’ damn luck.
    Follow him on Twitter: @TJHawke411

    WellYoureWrong: The dude you see in a fedora marking out at every PWG show. Gofobo master.
    Follow him on Twitter: @WellYoureWrong

    Shakil: Fan of Kassius Ohno’s hipster ways. Lance Storm’s daughter wanted to find him a straight girl.
    Follow him on Twitter: @HipsterKassius

    Enrique: Brings you the best Botchamania intro wrestler vids. Very dedicated PWG fan.
    Follow him on Twitter: @HatingSince87

    1. Who will win BoLA 2013?


    Kyle O’Reilly. Predicting BoLA is a fruitless endeavor because a) we’re all always wrong and b) indications are that PWG changes their mind on this stuff throughout the actual tournament based on how the crowd is reacting to everything.

    With that being said, I think O’Reilly has a strong chance of winning (he’s quietly been pushed rather strongly since the second night of All-Star Weekend), but I can also see Drake Younger, Johnny Gargano, and AR Fox winning it this year. Younger probably has to be considered the second most likely after Kyle. I’m throwing out Gargano and Fox as well, because I think they could impress enough early on that PWG will audible and make one of them the winner.


    I’m going with somewhat of a  wild card with my winner of BoLA. I got Anthony Nese winning it. I feel it will give Nese a huge boost to becoming not just a bigger star in PWG but I will solidify him even more in the independent scene.


    I’m set on one of two people winning BoLA this year, with those people being Kyle O’Reilly and Drake Younger. Actually, I see the finals coming down to those two. Kyle O’Reilly is on a back-to-back show stealing role as of late, and Drake Younger has taken El Generico’s spot as the sentimental favorite in everyone’s hearts.

    I think PWG fans would lose their minds (we will regardless) over a Future Shock title match happening in the future (No pun intended), and the only way I could see Drake Younger not being PWG World Champ by the end of this year is if that match happens. Regardless, one of those two  men are taking that belt home, in my eyes at least.


    Kyle O’Reilly beats Drake Younger to win the 2013 Battle of Los Angeles. Not to take away from any of the talent in this year’s BoLA but Drake Younger has been hellbent on becoming synonymous with PWG but has been portrayed as the good guy who just comes up short of glory so I see that trend continuing through this year’s tournament.

    PWG lets wrestlers show a side of them not really demonstrated elsewhere and I think Kyle really broke out at last year’s BoLA as Sleazy Kyle. I don’t know how many people realize Kyle’s only lost once in singles competition in his entire time in PWG while also having some of the best matches of the entire card (just wait for his match against TJP from TEN) but Kyle’s setback is that PWG is overflowing with talented individuals having phenomenal matches and breakout moments.

    I strongly feel that this year’s tournament will see Kyle ascending to finally challenge for the PWG World Championship and what better man to face than his own tag team partner.

    I’ve always liked the dynamic of having a tag team splitting up and facing each other. It’s just something so basic that can become incredible to witness when done right and I can imagine both men are more than capable of living up to the expectations already set from their program in ROH. I can already see Adam Cole laying claim to being the breakout star of Future Shock, proclaiming himself as the Shawn Michaels of their pairing, while Kyle can be the intense counterpoint intent on finally seeking the glory and admiration that escapes him. Just imagine what they did at Best In The World 2012 in Reseda but even better.

    2. Who is the current MVP of PWG?


    The Young Bucks.* You could argue that Adam Cole** and his PWG title reign is currently the most interesting thing in PWG (and that’s almost certainly true), but the Bucks are still the most consistently great thing on every PWG show.

    If PWG was a “normal” wrestling company that required lots of promos, vignettes, and storylines, I may have given the nod to Cole. However, PWG pretty much just has matches and the Bucks are the best at producing the matches.

    *If you think the answer is Drake Youngeryou’re wrong!

    **Number three for me would honestly probably be Excalibur. He’s my favorite wrestling commentator of all time, and he adds so much to the product. Also, Rick Knox would probably be a very adorable selection for PWG MVP.


    My MVP of PWG is Adam Cole. Dude has been MONEY as the champion. He is a great asshole heel in PWG. Every match of his has been awesome.


    The Young Bucks are sorta like a package deal to me so I’d call them the MVP of PWG. If you’ve checked out a teaser trailer for a PWG show between 2011-2013 then you know who you were looking out for, with that being El Generico, Kevin Steen and The Young Bucks. With Kevin Steen’s momentum decreasing a bit and El Generico going back to Mexico, The Young Bucks are carrying PWG on their backs at the moment.


    I have to say that no one person can claim to be the MVP of PWG. . . . because it’s two people: Matt and Nick Jackson, The Young Bucks. Contrary to whatever relic of WCW/TNA’s past who’s last true claim to greatness has long since been forgotten and could in all honesty be debated while demonstrating how behind and  out of touch they are with the today’s product (I’m talking as much about Russo as I am about Booker T and I think you can squeeze Cornette in there if you try), the Young Bucks are the epitome of what pro wrestling can be.

    Everything they’re doing right now is on point, from the characters they portray to the maneuvers they pull off,  even their tights and entrance (I don’t know many people that can get a crowd that excited to boo someone), very few can challenge them as being the best in all of wrestling.

    3. What is the best PWG match that you have seen?


    This is an incredibly hard question. Some of the candidates that immediately jump to mind are Danielson vs. Hero, Generico vs. Takagi, the DDT4 2011 Finals, the Seven ladder match main event, Steen and Generico’s ladder match at Steen Wolf and many, many more.

    It’s cliche to say, but if you asked me this question seven days in a row, I may give you a different answer each time. Today, I’m going to pick Super Smash Bros. vs. Future Shock vs. The Young Bucks from Threemendous III.

    I remembered being surprised when the main event of Threemendous III was announced. It seemed almost unnecessary for the match to be a ladder match. We’ll never know whether or not it was necessary to involve ladders for the match to be great, but there is no doubt that the match was one of the most inventive, fun, and exciting matches that I have ever seen. In other words, it’s everything professional wrestling should be.


    Best PWG Match I’ve seen was the Ladder Match:  Kevin Steen vs. El Generico from Steen Wolf. The match was insane and the atmosphere for that match that night was off the charts.


    The best PWG match I’ve ever seen would have to be the Triangle Ladder Match between Future Shock, The Young Bucks, and Super Smash Brothers at Threemendous III. It was on my list of my top 5 matches of the year for 2012, and it’s my pick for the very best PWG I’ve ever seen.


    Damn… this one really stumped me. So many to choose from this year alone! I’ll go with Kevin Steen vs. El Generico in a Ladder Match for the PWG World Championship at Steen Wolf. As soon as I found out that was happening relatively near me I knew I had to be there for it.

    The feud they had in 2010 was what made me take an even closer look at what was going on in the independent scene instead of just hearing about it second hand. I remember being legitimately concerned for Kevin after a powerbomb from off the ladder made his head bounce in an inhumane way. It had the sort of brutality in ladder matches that I loved in Rock vs. HHH at Summerslam ’98 and Y2J vs. HBK at No Mercy ’08.

    Honorable mentions:

    Steenerico vs. The Young Bucks from DDT4 2013 (It had the moment that let me know I’d always love wrestling).

    Steen/Elgin/Cage vs. Ricochet/Swann/Fox from All Star Weekend 9: Night 2 (I just really liked it. Reminded me of something I would’ve liked when I was a kid, strong guys vs fast guys: who wins?).

    Dojo Bros vs Inner City Machine Guns vs. Young Bucks from TEN (I have to qualify this because I was front row for this show but GODDAMN what a match).

    4. Describe your favorite PWG memory in 10 words or less.


    El Generico is a big boy!”


    Me talking coffee with El Generico. Lol


    El Generico/Kenny Omega vs. The Young Bucks.


    I gave El Generico drawings my niece made for him:



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    1. Wrestling With Knowledge

      Triple-Threat Ladder Match@Threemendous III is your pick for the best PWG match you have ever seen??? Not that it was bad or anything but come on… You have seen PWG events prior to 2009, right?.. How about Super Dragon/Steen from Astonshing XMAS? or Low Ki/Danielson from ASW6?… Those are debatable for the best pwg match. And what’s with Generico/Omega being your favorite moment?? Lame!!! You guys are marking out, alright…lol!

    2. Wrestling With Knowledge

      @WellyoureWrong…. You sure live up to your name, bro.. You were wrong!!
      Neese winning BOLA?!?! In his 2nd appearance???… LoL!!!

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