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    Match of the Week: Owen Hart vs. Ken Shamrock (Fully Loaded ’98)

    Many sites have a match of the week but ours is a little different. These matches are the ones that are fun to watch… in the non-traditional way.

    This week, we’ve chosen Owen Hart vs. Ken Shamrock from Fully Loaded ’98. Members of the site @TimWelcomed, @typicalROHfan and @TomBlackett give their (lack of) expertise on the action.

    Part 1: Enter the Basement!



    “That’s the dungeon?!” Lawler exclaims at which time Jim Ross basically says “Of course it is.” This reveals a lot of Good Ole JR. This man has never experienced a real dungeon before and it breaks my heart. Since we are best friends, maybe I should take him out to one of my local dungeons and show him a good time.


    From the time Shamrock walks down the stairs until the match starts I am laughing at so many little things about this that I don’t even know where to begin. This is already amazing.


    Oh my god. Ken Shamrock‘s intense stare and growl before he walks down the stairs into THE Dungeon. Few things make me smile as much as this does.

    I’m assuming it’s supposed to be a street fight mentality in terms of their gear? I’m going to believe Ken Shamrock walks around the streets in every day life wearing red shorts and an invisible shirt.


    Even though I’d only just gotten back into wrestling when I watched this as a kid, the build up to this had me convinced it was going to be something insane on the same level as a Boiler Room Brawl. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler do NOT manage expectations whatsoever, with both of them reinforcing the idea that Stu Hart’s dungeon is… well, basically a dungeon where guys get tortured and tested. So, when it’s revealed as just this pokey little basement, King’s immediate reaction of ‘that’s the dungeon?!’ was exactly the same one as mine when I first watched this.

    The image of Ken psyching himself up at the top of the stairs next to the hanging coats is great:


    It’s all just so weird! There’s a guy with a boom mic in the background as Ken comes down to meet Owen Hart hanging out in one of his better t-shirts and some fetching zebra stripe shorts. Thank goodness Dan ‘The Beast’ Severn and his glorious moustache are prepped to call the action! It’s surely gonna be a classic, right? Continue reading

    Awkward Moment Of The Week

    Let’s be honest. Wrestling is weird. This a feature that highlights the pictures, videos, tweets and moments from the wrestling world that feels too weird to be true.

    This week’s awkward moment? Our search terms!

    These are just SOME of the terms readers search that lead them to Wrestling On Earth. In order starting with the most frequent search terms, here they are:


    Follow us and send your awkward suggestions via Twitter: @WrestlingEarth

    WCW Comic Book Reading Club: Issue One, Page 17

    WCW: The Comic Book was published in the early 90s by Marvel Comics. Nobody in wrestling or comics paid it much attention, and after 12 issues, it was cancelled and lost to the ages. Until now.

    On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, @tomblackett will post a new page of the WCW comic with his comments and we’ll read through it together. We’ll be there for each other, through the good (Vader! The Steiners! Sting! Cactus Jack!) and the (Johnny B.) Badd.

    WCW: The Comic (Issue One, Page 17)


    WCW: The Comic is probably the property of Marvel Comics / WWE, though I’m not entirely sure. This website makes no claims to own it; all panels and images are posted in the spirit of fair use and are the property of their respective owners and creators. Continue reading

    PWG BoLA 2013 Preview

    PWG’s annual Battle of Los Angeles tournament will consist of two shows this weekend. As always, the talent is a mix of the top indy talent from all over the country.


    Site members @typicalROHfan, @TomBlackett and @TimWelcomed will give their thoughts and predictions on the weekend’s events.

    Michael Elgin vs. Rich Swann:


    My favorite thing about the recent (and future) PWG shows are seeing some of the guys I like from the WWNLive Universe facing off with ROH talent. The contrast of Elgin’s power and Rich Swann’s speed are going to make for a great match. I’m rooting for Swann but fully expect Michael Elgin to win.

    Interest Level: 8/10
    Prediction: Elgin wins.


    Will Michael Elgin hold Rich Swann in a delayed vertical suplex… All Night Long? The answer is definitely not, there’s like 9 matches they need to get through, that would be ridiculous.

    Anyway, this should be very fun. I feel like I’m going to say that a lot because fucking PWG is always very fun. The story of a guy doing flips to not get caught by a guy who does powerbombs is one of wrestling’s best, so I’m looking forward to this a bunch.

    Interest Level: 8/10
    Prediction: Elgin wins.


    I am always a sucker for strong guys going against fast guys and these two are some of the best of both. I really don’t care who wins because I like both guys a good bit but I’m going to pick Elgin as the winner here.

    Interest Level: 7/10
    Prediction: Elgin wins. Continue reading

    4 on 4 Fans: TJ Hawke, WellYoureWrong, Shakil, Enrique (PWG Edition)

    Welcome to the latest edition of Four on Four.  As always, we’ve chosen four of the most entertaining and intelligent wrestling fans on Twitter and decided to peer into their minds four questions at a time. This week, we have a PWG theme leading into BoLA weekend. Let’s meet the panel:

    TJ Hawke: Runs FreeProWrestling (GREAT SITE!). Gabe Sapolsky thinks he’s a woman. Is sorry about yo’ damn luck.
    Follow him on Twitter: @TJHawke411

    WellYoureWrong: The dude you see in a fedora marking out at every PWG show. Gofobo master.
    Follow him on Twitter: @WellYoureWrong

    Shakil: Fan of Kassius Ohno’s hipster ways. Lance Storm’s daughter wanted to find him a straight girl.
    Follow him on Twitter: @HipsterKassius

    Enrique: Brings you the best Botchamania intro wrestler vids. Very dedicated PWG fan.
    Follow him on Twitter: @HatingSince87

    1. Who will win BoLA 2013?


    Kyle O’Reilly. Predicting BoLA is a fruitless endeavor because a) we’re all always wrong and b) indications are that PWG changes their mind on this stuff throughout the actual tournament based on how the crowd is reacting to everything.

    With that being said, I think O’Reilly has a strong chance of winning (he’s quietly been pushed rather strongly since the second night of All-Star Weekend), but I can also see Drake Younger, Johnny Gargano, and AR Fox winning it this year. Younger probably has to be considered the second most likely after Kyle. I’m throwing out Gargano and Fox as well, because I think they could impress enough early on that PWG will audible and make one of them the winner.


    I’m going with somewhat of a  wild card with my winner of BoLA. I got Anthony Nese winning it. I feel it will give Nese a huge boost to becoming not just a bigger star in PWG but I will solidify him even more in the independent scene.


    I’m set on one of two people winning BoLA this year, with those people being Kyle O’Reilly and Drake Younger. Actually, I see the finals coming down to those two. Kyle O’Reilly is on a back-to-back show stealing role as of late, and Drake Younger has taken El Generico’s spot as the sentimental favorite in everyone’s hearts.

    I think PWG fans would lose their minds (we will regardless) over a Future Shock title match happening in the future (No pun intended), and the only way I could see Drake Younger not being PWG World Champ by the end of this year is if that match happens. Regardless, one of those two  men are taking that belt home, in my eyes at least.


    Kyle O’Reilly beats Drake Younger to win the 2013 Battle of Los Angeles. Not to take away from any of the talent in this year’s BoLA but Drake Younger has been hellbent on becoming synonymous with PWG but has been portrayed as the good guy who just comes up short of glory so I see that trend continuing through this year’s tournament.

    PWG lets wrestlers show a side of them not really demonstrated elsewhere and I think Kyle really broke out at last year’s BoLA as Sleazy Kyle. I don’t know how many people realize Kyle’s only lost once in singles competition in his entire time in PWG while also having some of the best matches of the entire card (just wait for his match against TJP from TEN) but Kyle’s setback is that PWG is overflowing with talented individuals having phenomenal matches and breakout moments.

    I strongly feel that this year’s tournament will see Kyle ascending to finally challenge for the PWG World Championship and what better man to face than his own tag team partner.

    I’ve always liked the dynamic of having a tag team splitting up and facing each other. It’s just something so basic that can become incredible to witness when done right and I can imagine both men are more than capable of living up to the expectations already set from their program in ROH. I can already see Adam Cole laying claim to being the breakout star of Future Shock, proclaiming himself as the Shawn Michaels of their pairing, while Kyle can be the intense counterpoint intent on finally seeking the glory and admiration that escapes him. Just imagine what they did at Best In The World 2012 in Reseda but even better. Continue reading

    Sexy Wrestler of The Week

    Take off your fedoras (Why are you wearing two fedoras? Why are you wearing one fedora?) and clean your glasses out of respect, because it’s time to reveal your Sexy Wrestler of The Week!

    This week we had something incredible happen. The President of The United Sates of America called us for a favor. He said he was feeling a little down because of Syria and he just found out that ‘Go On’ wasn’t returning this season to NBC. I made fun of him a little for being late to the news but he awkwardly switched back to his point before I could feel too embarrassed about laughing at “The Prez.” Oh yeah, I called him that too…

    President Mr. Obama said he needed something to lift his red, white, and blue spirit. Something that only we could give him. He wanted to pick Wrestling On Earth’s Sexy Wrestler of The Week.

    I told him that this was a democratically elected position voted on by the loved readers of this site. I told him he could vote but he could not pick it by himself. He should understand that. He had to be elected fairly.

    He told me “no, I’m going to pick” and then my phone shocked me. I said “okay, yeah, no problem, guy.”


    Luckily, his pick was the same as the voted winner so it all worked out. Congratulations to our Sexy Wrestler of The WeekAdam Cole on reclaiming The Throne of Sexy and lifting our president’s spirit. This just feels right, doesn’t it? See you next week!

    The Merch Table: WWE Auctions Special

    Wrestling companies make merchandise. It’s usually pretty bad, but sometimes, it’s terrible. Welcome to The Merch Table.

    Every week, @TomBlargh will look at some of the awful merch that someone expects you to buy. Up this week: WWE AUCTIONS SPECIAL.

    Hey, remember last week when I referenced the return of WWE’s auction site, but talked about how I wasn’t going to cover it until the future? WELL GUESS WHAT, IT’S THE FUTURE NOW SO THAT’S WHAT WE’RE LOOKING AT TODAY.

    I actually held off on writing about it until the first round of auctions were over, just so I could properly analyse both the items and what they went for, in order to prove whether or not the winning bidder got a good deal or not. LET’S GET STARTED.

    The top rung of one of the Money in the Bank ladders


    So we’re starting with what’s probably the weirdest item from the WWE Auctions, the top rung of “one of the ladders that were used in the main event Money In the Bank Ladder Match in Philadelphia, PA on July 24, 2013” that’s been autographed by every wrestler in both the MITB matches on that show.

    My favourite thing about this are the messages Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes left:


    Cody’s sad little “so close…” and Damien’s “I WON” are both pretty perfect for their characters.

    The main problem with this is I have no idea how you’re supposed to display it. I guess you could just use it as a functional step stool to reach the upper shelves in the kitchen or something, but man, that’d be an expensive step stool.

    Realistically, I imagine it’ll end up in some guy’s garage until he dies or is forced to sell it on eBay for a tenth of what he paid for it.

    How much did it go for? $2,190!

    Is that a good deal? Alright, time for some maths. On the WWEShop, you can get an autographed picture for about $20 a pop. 14 guys signed it, so that’s a value of $280 right there. You can get a metal step stool which would look about the same as this for $20. That’s $300. So, what that means is whoever bought this is paying a bit over $1,800 for the magic of an event-used prop.

    What’s more, they don’t even have any way of telling WHICH ladder it was, so it could have been the one Orton climbed to get to the title OR it could have just been one of the unused ladders by the side. The last thing ANY serious collector needs is ladder confusion, so you know what? NOT WORTH IT. Continue reading

    WCW Comic Book Reading Club: Issue One, Page 16

    WCW: The Comic Book was published in the early 90s by Marvel Comics. Nobody in wrestling or comics paid it much attention, and after 12 issues, it was cancelled and lost to the ages. Until now.

    On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, @tomblackett will post a new page of the WCW comic with his comments and we’ll read through it together. We’ll be there for each other, through the good (Vader! The Steiners! Sting! Cactus Jack!) and the (Johnny B.) Badd.

    WCW: The Comic (Issue One, Page 16)


    WCW: The Comic is probably the property of Marvel Comics / WWE, though I’m not entirely sure. This website makes no claims to own it; all panels and images are posted in the spirit of fair use and are the property of their respective owners and creators. Continue reading

    Wrestling On Earth Fantasy Draft: Round Ten

    Everyone thinks they could run their own wrestling company, but we’re determined to prove it, with the Wrestling On Earth Fantasy Draft!

    Making their picks in the following order will be:

    You can see the draft’s introduction and rules here. The picks so far are:

    • Round One: Daniel Bryan, John Cena, CM Punk, Jeff Hardy.
    • Round Two: Gedo, Brock Lesnar, Sami Zayn, Dean Ambrose.
    • Round Three: Christian, Kevin Steen, Prince Devitt, Seth Rollins.
    • Round Four: Shelton Benjamin, The Young Bucks, Austin Aries, AJ Styles.
    • Round Five: Shane Strickland, Antonio Cesaro, reDRagon, Bobby Roode.
    • Round Six: Samoa Joe, Bad Influence, Ricochet, Gail Kim.
    • Round Seven: Davey Boy Smith Jr., American Wolves, Akira Tozawa, Time Splitters.
    • Round Eight: Forever Hooligans, William Regal, Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano, Sheamus.
    • Round Nine: Athena, Adam Cole, Big E. Langston, Jay Lethal.

    Let the ninth round begin!

    Wrestling On Earth Fantasy Draft: Round Ten

    Brad’s pick: JESSICKA HAVOK



    I was told how great Jessicka Havok was for many years. At first I was kind of sceptical with her character being somewhat based off a video game.  I thought her presence was really good, has sex appeal but at the same time is very intimidating.

    I feel if you loosely use her character back story without completely using the Resident Evil back story, there is a lot of potential as her as top villain in the women’s division. Continue reading