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    4 ON 4 Wrestlers: Steen, Maria, Bennett, Cheeseburger

    Welcome to the first Four on Four with WRESTLERS! We’ve chosen four wonderful wrestling personalities to kick this off.

    All four of our inaugural panel happen to currently reside in Ring of Honor. You likely already know them but 9 out of 10 therapists suggest it’s healthy to meet people so let’s meet them again! This week’s panel:

    Kevin Steen: Independent wrestling legend. Former ROH champ. Former PWG champ. Zoo enthusiast. Host of The Kevin Steen Show. T-Shirt selling machine.
    Buy Kevin’s t-shirts and follow him on Twitter.

    Maria Kanellis: First lady of ROH. Former WWE diva. Celebrity Apprentice contestant. Writer. Actress. Macho Man Randy Savage DVD host.
    Buy Maria’s t-shirts and follow her on Twitter.

    Mike Bennett: Independent wrestling superstar. The Prodigy. Possibly no longer The Prodigy. Rumored country singer. Engaged to AT LEAST one member of the panel.
    Buy Mike’s t-shirts and follow him on Twitter.

    Cheeseburger: ROH student. Sometimes co-host of The Kevin Steen Show. Cryme Tyme shirt owner. #BurgerMode
    Buy Cheeseburger……. a cheeseburger! And follow him on Twitter.

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    The Merch Table: WWE! Bleacher Creatures and Wrestlemania Insanity

    Wrestling companies make merchandise. It’s usually pretty bad, but sometimes, it’s terrible. Welcome to The Merch Table.

    Every week, @TomBlargh will look at some of the awful merch that someone expects you to buy. Up first: WWE!

    Sheamus Youth Wig


    “Oh man we can’t sell these Zack Ryder wigs! He’s started using too much conditioner and his hair looks all like Jericho’s did in 2005, it is TERRIBLE.”

    “That doesn’t make any sense! Half his gimmick is that he has spiky hair! He says it ALL THE TIME and it’s on t-shirts and stuff!”

    “I know, I KNOW. Ohhhh dang, we have BOXES of these things, what are we gonna do?”


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    Sexy Wrestler of The Month: June 2013

    Did your screen just steam up? Do you feel like you just soared off on a large butterfly? Probably… and I’ll tell you why!

    Your screen became foggy as you felt like you were flying around on the back of a majestic winged insect because you’re not only looking at but also EXPERIENCING Wrestling On Earth’s inaugural Sexy Wrestler of The Month, Adam Cole.


    “Mr. June 2013” was handpicked out of thousands of pro wrestlers, male and female, to be named the sexiest of the month. We like to imagine he is pro wrestling’s Blanche Devereaux… except he’s a young male and doesn’t live with three hilarious old women (not to our knowledge anyway).  You are probably still staring at the photo so I’ll give you a few minutes to regain your composure…

    …Okay, get it together. Time is up. We’ve all got lives to live and unfortunately can not daydream while looking at pictures of the current Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Champion on the computer all day. We probably should, but we can not. Adam Cole was selected based purely on his sexiness, but it should be noted that he’s a swell in-ring competitor and one of the most gifted talents on the independent scene today.

    HEY YOU! Is Adam Cole not making your insides all of the different types of warm like he is ours? Well then, be sure to tweet who you think should be July’s Sexy Wrestler of The Month to @WrestlingEarth or e-mail us at wrestlingonearth@gmail.com.

    Streets Ahead: Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW)

    In Streets Ahead, we invite columnists to write about wrestlers and companies that are still on their way up or you might not be too aware of. Simply put, if you don’t get on board with them, you’ll be streets behind.

    Today, we have Alex (aka @failraiser on Twitter) to tell us about Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW). Take it away, Alex!

    I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again. There is no wrestling company in the world that I believe in more than Absolute Intense Wrestling. No wrestling company that keeps me excited to see the next show like AIW.

    Nixon's Rickey Shane Page and Eric Ryan won't be lost in the shuffle Photo Credit: Wayne Palmer

    Photo Credit: Wayne Palmer

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    Paul London Talks About Things

    We recorded Paul London chatting about reptilians. This is what happened.

    Forgive the live studio audience and other various New York noise. This is guerrilla shit. Part 2 of 2 will be here next week.

    4 ON 4 Fans: Brad Ward, KeepItFiveStar, Tasha Lethal, Maffew

    Welcome to the first Four on Four. We’ve chosen four of the most entertaining and intelligent wrestling fans on Twitter and decided to peer into their minds four questions at a time. This is our first panel:

    Brad Ward: Biggest pro wrestling fan we’ve discovered. Video game lover. Cult following on the twitter.
    Check out www.fightinggamenation.com and Brad’s twitter.

    KeepItFiveStar: Universally loved by fun wrestling fans. Laugh provider. Fellow #scumbagMTA hater.
    Check out www.threemanbooth.com and KeepItFiveStar’s twitter.

    Tasha Lethal: NJPW addict. British. Vegan. Once traded recipes with Daniel Bryan. Seriously.
    Check out Tasha’s twitter.

    Botchamania Maffew: Internet wrestling God. Creator of Botchamania. Pride of Newcastle. Best fake American accent ever.
    Check out Botchamania OBVIOUSLY and Maffew’s twitter.

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