Dirt Sheet History: November 2009

    • Dirt Sheet History: November 2009

      Take a trip back to a memorable timeline in sports entertainment with the most important stories reported as fact in the journalistic world of pro wrestling dirt sheets.

      Following the timeline of the last Dirt Sheet History looking back at October 2009, we get a glimpse into the top scoops from November of 2009 as we read Dirt Sheet History.

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      Hulk Hogan admits that his return to wrestling is partially motivated by money, but says the desire to help the industry and compete with Vince are also factors.

      “Some people say Vince McMahon made wrestling and some say it was Hulk Hogan,” Hogan said. “We both did it together. I thought it would be cool to see who has more juice right now.” He added “I still have reasons to go do this, and it’s not just because I need to make money — which I do. I still love it. I still love it, man. I don’t know what else to say.”

      Hulk explained that he wears his WWE Hall of Fame ring to cover up a tattoo of his ex-wife’s name, but any value the ring has is purely sentimental. “I think Vince McMahon paid $20 for it. My high school ring was better than this thing.”

      Despite the expectations that he’s coming to TNA to wrestle, his true motivation is to get people excited about wrestling again. “It’s all about having fun and making the crowd go crazy and I think I can still do that, man. I might limp a little and might have to pull myself up by the ropes to get up, but I won’t know until I get in there,” he said. “If I really do embarrass myself to the point where fans are laughing at me, I’ll leave.”


      WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross spoke at length about how important it is for WWE to overhaul its recruiting process and find the next generation of superstars.

      “It’s just a matter focusing on recruiting and finding world class athletes and encouraging them to have the aptitude and desire – and maybe more importantly, be fans of the product – to try this profession.”

      Ross continued, “It’s imperative. The scouting and the whole process has to be accelerated and maintained and improved upon every single day. As long as they have that mind-set, they’re going to continue to find good young guys that have potential. And then about one or two out of 10 will make it. It’s going to be an interesting future, but I don’t perceive it to be bleak whatsoever.”

      Ross also commented on fellow Oklahoman Jack Swagger‘s strengths and weaknesses. “Swagger’s got a blessing and a curse,” Ross said. ” He has the blessing of having so much God-given physical ability as a natural 6-5 or 6-6 kid that’s 260, so he has good size. He has an amazing athletic background. He’s been wrestling since he was in elementary school. He wrestled in a Division I program [at Oklahoma] with good success. But he’s one of those guys that is so good that he can put it in a little above neutral and be better than most. What he has to find is the fire inside him that’s going to drive him internally to get to the next level and the next level after that.”


      It was recently reported that Samoa Joe was upset with TNA management because they did not use a friend’s catering business at the Bound For Glory pay-per-view. He is upset that the wrestling news websites apparently “falsely” reported this news and has personally responded to the reports by writing the following on his Twitter

      “I often wonder how Wrestling news sites can call their posts “news” when they cannot cite sources or provide proof of what they say occurred? I’m not targeting anyone in particular. I’m just saying in normal journalistic circles sources and evidence are key aspects of journalism. I mean wrestling is a highly political game so you have to wonder what are these sources agendas? I’m just saying I know a few sites follow me I am interested in their take and their accountability policies. BTW I’m not a “sheet hater.” They bolster interest and discussion in the industry & I feel they have become a integral part of wrestling media. I get trashed & scrutinized everyday which is fine – IT’S PART OF MY JOB, but when people fabricate what I say about others, thats wank. I don’t want sheets to disappear. I just am calling for you to UP YOUR GAME, be better than what you are currently, Truth = Relevance.”


      Chris Jericho is apologizing for some recent comments he made at a film festival that many would consider to be racist and homophobic.

      Jericho took part in a “Q&A” session at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival a few weeks ago following the screening of his movie, Albino Farm. Jericho referred to the session moderator as “Hadji”, a racial slur used against Middle Easterners. After the host jokingly checked Jericho’s drink for alcohol, the WWE Superstar used a gay slur towards him.

      Jericho has since apologized and told TMZ.com, “After seeing the video I realize some inappropriate comments were made and I apologize if I offended anybody. Just know that everyone on stage was having a blast and we all shared a drink and a laugh after! The good news is I got my wish of being posted on TMZ.”


      Regarding discussion of Shane McMahon parting ways with World Wrestling Entertainment, his looming departure from the company has become the new “Randy Savage talk” backstage, reports PWInsider.com. By that, it means it’s a touchy subject to be broached with Vince McMahon at one’s own peril. As you would imagine, the WWE chairman is none to pleased with his son’s recent resignation.

      Vince formally addressed Shane’s departure from the company during this morning’s conference call with investors.

      He said of Shane’s decision to leave: “Shane has decided to pursue other opportunities in the marketplace.”

      He also added that the strength of the company’s management team is based on performance, not if an employee’s last name is McMahon.

      “Some people perceive this to be a family business, but I do not,” said Vince.


      Gilbert Hardy, father of Matt and Jeff, spoke to the Fayetteville Observer newspaper last week and said Jeff Hardy has been keeping a very low profile in the weeks and months since his September 11th drug arrest. “He won’t talk. He ain’t talking to nobody,” the senior Hardy said. “He doesn’t even want to talk to me.”

      The newspaper tried getting a quote from Jeff, but he refused to speak to them.


      Hulk Hogan called in to Bubba The Love Sponge‘s satellite radio show this morning and as always, the Hogan hype machine was in full force. During the Hogan said that some big names in the pro wrestling world could be headed to TNA Wrestling.

      Hogan said we could see Steve Austin, Randy Savage and the Nasty Boys in the future.


      As reported earlier, Frankie Kazarian asked for his release from Total Nonstop Action Wrestling at the last set of Impact tapings in Orlando. The former X Division champion is reportedly unhappy playing the character known as Suicide and many say he’s been complaining a lot in the locker room as of late about the way he’s being used. Management initially accepted his request for his release from the company, but AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels talked him out of leaving, so no paperwork was drawn up.


      The Undertaker vs. John Cena is one of the planned main-event’s for WrestleMania 26, according to F4WOnline.com. The groundwork for potential matchup was set on this past Monday’s RAW when Cena received a tombstone after the main-event match had ended.


      The Daily News has published comments that Hulk Hogan made to a fan at a recent book signing regarding his vision for TNA Wrestling. Hogan said that he hopes to bring in Steve Austin, Randy Savage, Rob Van Dam, and the Nasty Boys tag team to TNA. He also wants to start a new Monday Night War against WWE.

      “I wish to talk to Rob Van Dam, who is considering returning to the ring, and convince him to join TNA,” Hogan said. “Plus I’m also wishing to contact ex-Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Macho Man Randy Savage.”

      The newspaper reports that Hogan is pushing for TNA programming on Monday nights, which was one rumored around the time it was announced Hogan and Eric Bischoff are partnering with TNA.


      Former ROH and ECW booker Gabe Sapolsky attended the Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Philadelphia and wrote a message on MySpace explaining what he thinks is wrong with WWE’s product. Sapolsky agrees with recent comments Eric Bischoff made in a PWTorch.com interview, that the WWE product is over-produced and the superstars act like generic, robotic zombies. He wrote:

      I stopped by the Smackdown taping last night and left after CM Punk’s promo. Punk was great, but the taping sucked. Most of the wrestlers were robotic (stop at top of ramp, pose, walk into ring, ignore entire crowd and turn to hard cam, pose, turn back to ramp and wait for opponent). Everything was formulaic. I sat there for two hours from the opening bell waiting through dead time between matches and endless videos before Smackdown actually started. However, it wasn’t all bad as Tommy Dreamer is still over in Philly and Punk is a superstar. Anyway, my point. I saw some crappy wrestling lately that turned me off to the business.

      WWE Superstar Chris Jericho wrote a message on Twitter in response to Sapolsky’s comments:

      Dammit if Gabe Sopolsky wasn’t impressed, then what chance does the WWE have to survive even one more day??? Breadline, here I come…

      Sapolsky resonded to Jericho’s sarcasm and said when WWE went out of business, Jericho could come work for Dragon Gate USA and invited the WWE superstar to attend one of their upcoming dates.


      Rob Van Dam said Vince McMahon ripped his heart out and stomped on it for the handling of the ECW brand.

      Van Dam spoke on Paul Heyman’s feelings about WWE’S ECW:  He would come to work and just tell me how much disdain and loathing he had for Vince. I remember him saying it was like Vince had raped his wife, because ECW was so close to his heart and Vince f***ed it. He felt Vince enjoyed watching him suffer, while ripping apart the fabric of ECW week by week. But Paul has no resentment now and no desire to get back at Vince. He has made balance and is in a peaceful stage, like I am. It’s just something we laugh about.


      Ted DiBiase Jr. said he’s a huge fan of Kings of Leon.


      As seen last week on SmackDown, Mickie James was introduced to Michelle McCool‘s personalized version of “Old McDonald,” a video designed to degrade the curvaceous SmackDown Diva with its starring character “Piggy James.” For those wondering, the segment was indeed designed to send a message to the multi-time women’s champion.

      WWE brass aren’t happy with James venturing outside of the company for her country music aspirations as they believe she’s heading down the same path as the likes of Dwayne “The Rock” and Stacy Keibler, who let their outside endeavours overtake their commitments to the company.

      Additionally, company officials have not been pleased with James’ weight in recent months, which was another reason for the degrading segment.


      Sycho Sid teased on Twitter that he may be joining TNA with Hulk Hogan.


      Regarding Bryan Danielson, the former ROH World Champion was told he would be bypassing developmental and heading straight to the main roster. He is expected to debut soon on ECW.


      There is a feeling in WWE that something special needs to be done with The Undertaker for WrestleMania 26. WWE knows that more and more fans are tired of the same old matches and want to deliver a match that fans have not seen before. The Dead Man’s health continues to deteriorate and he’s less mobile now than he’s ever been, so his years as a Wrestlemania draw are certainly winding down. Right now, a match with John Cena is being strongly considered as the main event for WrestleMania.

      There is also talk of a Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels match at WrestleMania 26. The two have wrestled each other many times before, but not in several years and never on the grand stage of WrestleMania. While DX is still one of the top babyface acts in WWE, this one makes sense and WWE may have planted the seed for the match at Survivor Series with HBK superkicking the Game in the opening moments of their triple threat match with John Cena.


      For those keeping track, Dolph Ziggler has taken part in twenty-six Intercontinental title matches at various events (televised and non-televised) within the past few months, losing all but two. He won one match via count-out with another match being ruled a double count-out. Furthermore, he has come up short in retrieving the title on television on seven different occasions including Night of Champions, SummerSlam, Hell in the Cell and four separate episodes of Friday Night SmackDown.

      Ziggler was at one point scheduled to win the title from Rey Mysterio over the summer, but the high-flying Superstar vetoed dropping the title to him on more than one occasion. When push came to shove as a result of a 30-day suspension for violating the company’s drug testing policy in early September, Mysterio agreed to drop the title to John Morrison.

      Now it appears that the ship has sailed on Ziggler nabbing the gold as WWE officials have reportedly “given up on him.”


      We’ve been covering the story that Shane McMahon recently met with officials from the Ultimate Fighting Championships mixed martial arts organization. UFC President Dana White confirmed that he met with McMahon, but would not give further details regarding the nature of the meeting.

      Shane McMahon is reportedly looking to buy a financial interest in UFC.


      Regarding Sheamus and Drew McIntyre, they’re respective pushes come as a result of Triple H and Shawn Michaels‘ endorsement of the two. In the case of The Celtic Warrior, he is Triple H’s workout partner and feels he has tons of potential. Likewise, McIntyre is well liked by Triple H as well as Shawn Michaels, with both getting behind him because he is tall with a good physique


      During a recent appearance on The Ministry of Slam, a U.K. radio show, Bret Hart expressed high praise for multi-time women’s champion Melina.

      “I think Melina is really creative and imaginative,” Hart said. “She’s an innovator and she comes up with some great matches. I love watching her wrestle. In a lot of ways, I think she’s the best wrestler in the world right now.”

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      Stories are credited from Rajah, PWTorch, PWInsider and The Wrestling Observer. Month name photo art is by Phillip Martin.

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