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Around The Wrestling World In 7 Days: April 18, 2015

    • Around The Wrestling World In 7 Days: April 18, 2015

      Every weekend, Joey will give a glimpse of the things that have entered his mind.

      Hi. I have a lot of thoughts about wrestling. I decided to start a concept where I talk about what’s on my mind every weekend. I hope it’s enjoyable.

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      WWE Universe


      Injuries happen

      Daniel Bryan was pulled off the WWE European tour due to injury concerns. Rumor has it Bryan has suffered a concussion. I think fans need to back off making strong comments about injuries involving wrestlers and all professional athletes.

      For example – Many are discussing whether Bryan should change his style, start to plan a retirement and are just making critical comments about him. The same happened to Rey Mysterio on a more disgusting level with it becoming common to laugh at his injuries. It makes no sense.

      When your body is dealing with concerns that could effect your career or life, your opinion is the only one that should matter. Second guessing things in wrestling is the nature of the beast but trying to make decision for a wrestler himself is ridiculous.

      Extreme Stupidity

      After an amazing Wrestlemania, I was expecting a good card for Extreme Rules. Early signs indicate it will be a tough task for the show to deliver. The biggest issue I have with it is the stipulation in the Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins main event. A cage match where the RKO is banned.

      The cage match is outdated in 2015. Fans have shorter attention spans and the cage match tends to be a slow story. There’s also so many similar gimmicks in WWE. With the Hell In A Cell match having its own PPV and cage matches being on random episodes of RAW, no one cares about it as a feud ending PPV main event. Worst of all, it constricts the wrestlers into telling a very specific story and limits their athleticism. The RKO being banned is also silly. These guys deserve a better chance.

      More Extreme Stupidity

      A “Kiss My Ass” match between Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus. Why? Other than an inside joke on Dolph Ziggler for being a pervert on Twitter, I can’t imagine an explanation about this.

      Rusev and John Cena in a Chain Match looks disappointing too in terms of the chain match concept. I’d rather straight up matches than these D list stipulations.

      The Impact Zone


      Tough Enough war

      After Tazz and TNA parted ways, both Tazz and Josh Mathews have been RT’ing passive aggressive comments. It’s kind of sad this is the most relevant story in TNA right now.

      Youth movement?

      Kurt Angle being your World Champion and The Hardys being your Tag Champs in 2015 looks bad. Both are probably the best options in the company right now and I can’t argue I’d have a better idea given how they’re currently performing but it’s just not a good look with TNA’s past public perception of a WWE retirement home.

      ROH World


      Man up’d for two more years

      The Briscoes have re-signed with ROH. I know the ROH hierarchy’s main priority of wrestlers to build around are and have been Adam Cole and The Briscoes. Good to see they are offering good contracts to prove that. Jay and Mark Briscoe’s matches at the first few ROH shows I attended in 2007 made me keep coming back. They’re really synonymous with ROH more than anyone at this point and fans, new and old, tend to look at them as the top act in the company.

      High on KUSHIDA

      ROH needs to book KUSHIDA in some good matches during this upcoming NJPW + ROH tour. More than most, KUSHIDA is perfectly suited for a more modern American style. Last year, his match with Jay Lethal proved that. KUSHIDA will steal the tour if he’s given the opportunity. And for the love of God – keep Alex Shelley away from these shows! Singles star KUSHIDA or bust.

      Lucha Underground Underground



      I can only describe it as weird seeing a wrestling show where everyone feels fresh, interesting, important and relevant. (Except Super Fly.) No one is getting buried. I’m not used to this on TV wrestling.

      The best thing is nothing feels like filler. There’s so many segments on WWE, TNA and ROH TV that make you feel it’s irrelevant to the grand scheme of things. Even the smaller moves on LU are like chess pieces being strategically played for a bigger reason.

      Mr. Mundo Night

      I knew John Morrison/Mundo/Hennigan was talented but never did I realize he was this good. Every match he appears in is money. Mundo may be the best wrestler on American television right now.


      Mistaken identity

      Am I the only one that has a hard time telling the difference between Drew Gulak and Timothy Thatcher? Similar hairstyles, beards, gear and wrestling style. It took me a good 5 minutes watching a Thatcher match last night before I became confident it wasn’t Gulak.

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