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All Aboard the S.S. Strong Style: The G1 is Coming: Fashion Show

    • All Aboard the S.S. Strong Style: The G1 is Coming: Fashion Show

      Shelly Deathlock cares too much about Japanese wrestling and, as Captain of the S.S. Strong Style, she’s here to welcome you on board and fill you in on what’s going on in the world of puro. In this series, she’s preparing for the G1 25.

      Today was the day of the G1 Climax press conference, where all the guys turned up trying to look their best, as well as pose. Shelly covered New Japan’s finest fashion plates on Twitter, which we’ve collected below.

      @TomBlargh is also going to weigh in because, having listened to every single episode of Josh Mathews’ Male Fashion Aficionado podcast, he is now EXTREMELY educated about fashion as it relates to wrestling. Let’s go!



      Deathlock: Tanahashi looks dapper in pinstripes, blue, & cream, but I don’t think diagonal stripes are legal.

      Tom: The Ace of the Century. The Japanese Shawn Michaels. The state of that tie. I also think he should have done something different with his (admittedly beautiful) hair, given the formal attire. Maybe a hair clip, I don’t know.

      Togi Makabe


      Deathlock: NEVER champ Togi Makabe wears his standard formal attire: suit, open shirt, chain. Very nice.

      Tom: Your dad’s been kicked out by your mum again but he doesn’t give a FUCK.

      AJ Styles


      Deathlock: AJ Styles wore jeans and a ballcap for the G124, so a suit, even without a tie, is a vast improvement.

      Tom: How many hand gestures can one man do within the span of a few seconds? You just found out, baby, courtesy of Allan Jones Styles.

      Tetsuya Naito


      Deathlock: Tetsuya Naito has been carrying his LOS INGOBERNABLES hat everywhere. Glad to see it make an appearance.

      Tom: Not sure what’s going on with the cap but I love the pose. The thing with the eyeball? That’s the attention to detail that’ll make young Naito a star.

      Kota Ibushi


      Deathlock: In a sleek black suit with an open shirt collar, babely Kota Ibushi is clearly best dressed so far.

      Tom: He is an extremely pretty young man but that pose needs work, he looks like a wax dummy. Also, I’m frustrated by how many of these lads aren’t wearing ties.



      Deathlock: NWA Heavyweight Champ Tenzan has his trademark mullet in a ponytail, nice suit, sage green tie. Classy.

      Tom: Loving the suit, hating the pose. You can do better than just the open mouthed roar, mate.




      Tom: Simple, effective pose and beautifully conditioned hair go a long way to make up for the lack of a tie.

      Toru Yano


      Deathlock: Yano looks nice in a well-tailored suit; can’t tell if his orange hair is on purpose or a bad bleach job.

      Tom: Now we’re fucking talking, a tie AND a tie clip. Yes, he looks like your cousin on his first job interview but whatever, he’s made an effort. The double thumbs at the end are also highly effective.

      Bad Luck Fale



      Tom: Your uncle’s trying out a new look but it’s not going well.

      Luke Gallows


      Deathlock: Gallows wears a badly fitted jacket, a t-shirt, a cap, and sunglasses. No one is surprised or cares.

      Tom: This is why the world hates Americans.



      Deathlock: IWGP champ & Actual Angel Kazuchika Okada looks absolutely stunning in a three-piece suit & paisley tie.

      Tom: No chance is anyone topping this, he looks like ’80s David Bowie (i.e. the pinnacle of style)

      Hirooki Goto


      Deathlock: IWGP IC champ Hirooki Goto looking great in black on black; too many buttons undone though, like Shibata.

      Tom: The swivel’s nice, the finger point is a letdown. I’m with Deathlock on the buttons situation being a bit of a disaster.

      Shinsuke Nakamura


      Deathlock: King of Everything and Probably a God Shinsuke Nakamura looks good in everything. Subtle pinstripes, tie.

      Tom: Frankly, I’m disappointed by old Shinsuke’s showing here. The pose is fine and the faces are good and crazy but the suit’s barely above average.

      Tomohiro Ishii


      Deathlock: Armani Pitbull Tomohiro Ishii looking suave in grey; but sunglasses & t-shirt, plz don’t join Bullet Club.

      Tom: “Come on, give us a twirl” says your mum jokingly as your dad comes in wearing his new jacket. “Fuck this” he mutters, storming out of the room.

      Karl Anderson


      Deathlock: G1 2012 finalist Karl Anderson arrives with the nicest fashion accessory so far: Tama Tonga! & nonsense

      Tom: Rolling in with his sleeves rolled up and no jacket is bad but what’s even more troubling is that he seems to be inviting us to suck his arse at the end.

      Satoshi Kojima


      Deathlock: Reverse-pattern tie & pocket square, Satoshi Kojima is STYLIN. With gorgeous tailoring. Wow. Heart eyes.

      Tom: You can always be assured class from A Kojima Production. Fantastic pose at the end as well.

      Yuji Nagata


      Deathlock: Distinguished gentleman Yuji Nagata is gonna kick all their punk asses in pinstripes & polka dots.

      Tom: THAT FUCKING SALUTE MAN, CRISP AS FUCK. Easily the pose of the day.



      Deathlock: That suit doesn’t fit, but Honma looks very nice in that pale yellow shirt, great color.

      Tom: Big fan of his cheeky wee smile at the end, he knows he’s a dafty.

      Yujiro Takahashi


      Deathlock: Yujiro showed up but without Mao. Oh.

      Tom: He looks bashful and rightfully so, trying to follow Nagata’s salute with one of his own was always going to be a failure.

      Michael Elgin


      Deathlock: Michael Elgin: bald, full beard; three piece Undertaker-purple-and-grey suit. VERY nice showing.

      Tom: I like the concept and the colours but the suit’s much too big and the pose is a SHITER. You BLEW it, Elgin! I AM THE BIG DOG, YEH BASTARD.


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