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All Aboard the S.S. Strong Style: G1 Climax 25 – Day 7 Recap

    • All Aboard the S.S. Strong Style: G1 Climax 25 – Day 7 Recap

      Shelly Deathlock cares too much about Japanese wrestling and, as Captain of the S.S. Strong Style, she’s here to welcome you on board and fill you in on what’s going on in the world of puro. In this series, she’s talking about the G1 25.

      I’m sorry for the extreme lateness of this. I had a lot of things to do all day and couldn’t sit at a computer for an extended period of time. LIFE, MAN. To make up for it, have some gifs.

      Day 7 was pretty good and had an AMAZING MATCH. Read on to find out! It’s up on NJPWWorld.

      I’m not going to recap every match on every show, but I will pull out bits of shows to say some words about as necessary so you can be caught up on my opinions!

      G1 Climax 25 Day 7: Non-tournament matches

      Mascara Dorada & Tiger Mask vs. Jay White & David Finlay

      This was a great opener. The Young Lions are so good, and it’s fun to watch them work a pretty substantial tag team match. I’d watch it again.

      Jushin Thunder Liger & Hirooki Goto vs. Gedo & Kazuchika Okada

      It’s always fun when Gedo & Liger get in a ring together. FUCK YOU, LIGER. NO, FUCK YOU. And so on. I’d watch a match for that, honestly.

      G1 Climax 25 Day 7 – Block A: Results & Review

      I’ll give some quick tips here about whether or not you should take time to watch these if you haven’t, based on my own knowledge and taste in professional wrestling.

      Toru Yano vs. Doc Gallows

      Typical — Yano shenanigans vs. Bullet Club shenanigans. Not terrible!

      Should you watch this? Not unless you love Toru Yano enough to care but not so much that his injury hurts you.

      Winner: GALLOWS

      Togi Makabe vs. Hiroyoshi Tenzan

      What you’d expect — big guys hitting each other!

      Should you watch this? Not the best of the big guys hitting each other — okay to skip it.

      Winner: MAKABE

      Katsuyori Shibata vs. Kota Ibushi

      I don’t have words so here is my review in gif form:

      Should you watch this? YES, RIGHT NOW.

      Winner: SHIBATA

      Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Bad Luck Fale

      Okay. I need to say here that after Shibata/Ibushi I had to leave and go do the aforementioned things that kept me from writing this review for so long, so I watched this match later. I definitely recommend doing that.

      While it can’t follow Shibata/Ibushi on any level, I actually thought it was a LOT of fun. It was like a horror movie. Tanahashi kept doing all kinds of stupid things and I was yelling at the screen Y U DO DIS TANA U GONNA DIE THE KILLER IS GOING 2 GET U and lo, Tana is not the Final Girl in this G1. I bet he’s not even a virgin.

      Should you watch this? Yeah, I really liked it.

      Winner: FALE with a finish you won’t believe.

      Tetsuya Naito vs. AJ Styles

      Why do you come to Wrestling on Earth instead of somewhere else for your G1 recaps? I’ll tell you why.

      Here’s the transcript of words AJ Styles said to Tetsuya Naito as he disrobed:

      I’m not wrestling with a mask on for Pete’s sake!
      He looks like an idiot anyway.
      OH GOD it’s even worse now put the mask back on!
      Ohhh this is taking forever, he’s gotta take his clothes off before he can wrestle.
      I did that in the back, I got ready for this a long time ago.

      What is he, a stripper now? Is he a stripper all of a sudden? I don’t see a pole.
      He wouldn’t be good at it anyways, he’s slow. He’s taking it off way too slow — you gotta be real sexy when you take off clothes like that, you know?

      Should you watch this? Yeah, it’s pretty good.

      Winner: NAITO

      Updated G1 Climax 25 Scorecard

      The points standings so far are:

      Block A Block B
      • Katsuyori Shibata 6
      • Tetsuya Naito 6
      • Bad Luck Fale 6
      • Hiroshi Tanahashi 4
      • Togi Makabe 4
      • Kota Ibushi 4
      • AJ Styles 4
      • Hiroyoshi Tenzan 2
      • Toru Yano 2
      • Doc Gallows 2
      • Kazuchika Okada 6
      • Tomohiro Ishii 6
      • Hirooki Goto 4
      • Karl Anderson 4
      • Satoshi Kojima 2
      • Yuji Nagata 2
      • Shinsuke Nakamura 2
      • Michael Elgin 2
      • Yujiro Takahashi 2
      • Tomoaki Honma 0

      Next time in the G1 Climax!

      The next show is Saturday, August 1 featuring B Block tournament matches. I’ve bolded the matches I’m particularly looking forward to.

      Satoshi Kojima vs. Yujiro Takahashi
      Yuji Nagata vs. Karl Anderson
      Tomoaki Honma vs. Michael Elgin
      Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Tomohiro Ishii
      Hirooki Goto vs. Kazuchika Okada


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