You are currently viewing 4 ON 4 Wrestlers: Steen, Maria, Bennett, Cheeseburger

4 ON 4 Wrestlers: Steen, Maria, Bennett, Cheeseburger

Welcome to the first Four on Four with WRESTLERS! We’ve chosen four wonderful wrestling personalities to kick this off.

All four of our inaugural panel happen to currently reside in Ring of Honor. You likely already know them but 9 out of 10 therapists suggest it’s healthy to meet people so let’s meet them again! This week’s panel:

Kevin Steen: Independent wrestling legend. Former ROH champ. Former PWG champ. Zoo enthusiast. Host of The Kevin Steen Show. T-Shirt selling machine.
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Maria Kanellis: First lady of ROH. Former WWE diva. Celebrity Apprentice contestant. Writer. Actress. Macho Man Randy Savage DVD host.
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Mike Bennett: Independent wrestling superstar. The Prodigy. Possibly no longer The Prodigy. Rumored country singer. Engaged to AT LEAST one member of the panel.
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Cheeseburger: ROH student. Sometimes co-host of The Kevin Steen Show. Cryme Tyme shirt owner. #BurgerMode
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1. What aspect of pro wrestling provides you with the most validation?

Kevin Steen:

I get a lot of people that come up to me and tell me that I’m the reason they came to the show, or I’m the reason they started to watch wrestling again. While it may not always be true, it’s always a great feeling. But I’d say the most rewarding part comes from people saying I’m a good person. That really does mean the world to me. I always try to be nice to every fan I encounter during my travels and at the various shows I’m a part of and I always appreciate when someone tells me or when I read somewhere after that “I met Kevin Steen and the dude is the nicest!”

I think interacting with fans is a huge part of what we do. Some guys don’t like it and feel like they shouldn’t have to do it. I think the absolute opposite way. This may sound cliché but I literally wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of the fans so I enjoy getting to talk to them and meeting them at shows. I get a lot of validation from that as well.

Maria Kanellis:

I love to create and to help people with their careers. When I was working with Crossfire wrestling I ran the women’s division and that was my favorite thing to do in wrestling. I want to help as many people as I can with their careers in the entertainment/wresting industry. My dream is to have my own Lady’s Wrestling company.

Mike Bennett:

As corny as it sounds. I love the interaction with the fans. I’m just a small town kid from a little town in MA. So to have fans tell me they admire me or ask for an autograph is all very surreal. I’ll never deny an autograph or picture. It’s such a reassurance to me.


It is easily getting to travel to so many different places with my friends and creating road trip stories.

2. Who is your favorite performer in the entertainment industry?

Kevin Steen:

Easily Louis CK. I’m almost certain the man is the smartest person alive. Second would be Colt Cabana. Might sound weird and biased since he’s like a brother to me but I listen to his podcast every week and get a great deal of enjoyment out of it every time, and every time I get to watch him wrestle, I am thoroughly entertained. So to me, he’s definitely part of the entertainment industry. He’s a self-made performer.

Maria Kanellis:

Right now my favorite performer, of course, is Mike Bennett because he is finding himself and that is an amazing thing to watch. Mike is starting to channel Steve Bradley with his intensity and you are starting to see it in his work at Ring of Honor. The intensity and frustration of not getting the respect he deserves is really starting to come out in his work. Mike will be one of the best wrestlers in the WWE when he gets there. I have no doubt in my mind that he can make history, it’s just a matter of time. I love the progression.

Mike Bennett:

Kid Rock. Not only do I love his music, but I admire who he is and what he stands for. He’s transcended every genre of music and has been doing it for so long. And hes not afraid to do something when everyone tells him not to. He very much goes against the grain. He’s constantly on tour and is a student in the music industry. Plus he is extremely good to his fans. I really try to incorporate a lot of what I see him do, to my own career.


In wrestling it would have to be Jushin Liger, outside of wrestling it would be Dave Chappelle. Both are amazing showmen and masters of their craft.

3. What is the most annoying thing you encounter in your use of social media?

Kevin Steen:

It’s not that annoying but there’s just a lot of people out there that think they’re funny when they’re not. And ever since the feud with Matt Hardy started, I’ve been getting tagged in a lot of tweets from Matt Hardy fans which can all be summed up by ”OMG MATT HARDY STRONGUEST THAN DEAT YEAH!!! GET HIM MAT! TEAM XTREME!!!!!!!!! tWIST OF FAITH!1!! HOW`S JEFF?”

Those are pretty fucking annoying. I’ve developed a fantastic system though, which I have shared with one of my fellow pro wrestlers, where when someone annoys me or insults me, I insult them back and then immediately block them. It’s a great feeling to know they can’t answer me and are getting upset that I block them and are probably calling me a pussy and a coward. I love it!

It goes like this, usually:

@DumbassDouchebag says:

@fightsteenfight says:
@DumbassDouchebag Oh yeah? Maybe but your mother regrets your birth every day. She wishes she had never slept with that homeless man that asked her for change 22 years ago!


Maria Kanellis:

The most annoying thing is that people think they actually are talking to me on social media. Most of the time fans are talking to a fake. I DO NOT TALK TO ANYONE ON FACEBOOK. I had a guy come up to me in a grocery store and tell me I invited them to the wedding on Facebook. I have not and will not invite anyone to the wedding on Facebook or any social media. I hate all the fakers and I wish I could get them arrested for identity theft. Get your own life.

My fan page is
My Twitter is
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Mike Bennett:

Man, so much of social media is annoying. I don’t mind people being critical of me or my wrestling. But when they try to come across like they know what it’s like to be in wrestling, that’s annoying. Oh, also, for all the fans. I’m a fan of CM Punk, I admire how he has paved the way for so many Indy guys. I laugh when people just tweet me his name, like they got one over on me. I have the upmost respect for him.


I’ve been fairly lucky in that regard, although the constant twitter notification emails are a pain.

4. If you had your own breakfast cereal, what would it be called and what would be in it?

Kevin Steen:

It would be french fries, gravy and cheese. It’d be called poutine.

Maria Kanellis:

My cereal would be called, “To the Moon and Back,” and it would be filled with marshmellow stars, moons, and planets. I believe if you believe it, you can achieve it. Anything can happen, to the moon and back.

Mike Bennett:

Oh that’s a tough one. Def marshmallows, like the ones in lucky charms. Maybe the whole bowl would be those marshmallows. They are so freaking good. Maybe they’d be called Mike’s Marshmallows. Yeah. That’s it. M Squared!


Interesting question. I would have to say “Burger Deluxe”, which would likely be a ripoff of Captain Crunch.

This concludes the first edition of 4 on 4: Wrestlers. We hope to make this a weekly feature with four different wrestlers every week. Extra appreciation to the panel for being our first! Be sure to follow them all on Twitter and show your support. If this is something you enjoy…

IMPORTANT! Please send your feedback + wrestlers you’d like to see on this + questions you’d like to have answered to our twitter @WrestlingEarth or via email Or you can always DM @typicalROHfan or @TimWelcomed.



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