4 ON 4 Fans: Wrestlespective, Rhianna, Markout, Louie

Welcome to the second edition of Four on Four: Fans. Following last week’s debut, we are back with another four of the most entertaining and intelligent wrestling fans on Twitter. Join us as we peer into their minds four questions at a time. Meet this week’s crew:

Wrestlespective: Jason. Podcaster extraordinaire. NBA fan. Avid hater of WWF’s Crush.
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Rhianna: Adam Copeland hugger. Fanfic writer. Once hurt Curtis Axel’s feelings.
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ULTIMATE MARKOUT: The Ultimate Mark. Rumored socks enthusiast. Brad Ward’s #1 villain.
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Louie: Former DDP Yoga intern. Wrestling Road Diaries guest star. Spilled Mexican soda on Steve Corino’s t-shirts.
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1. What should be the main events of Wrestlemania 30?


The Undertaker vs John Cena. WWE has been holding off on this one for a long time for a reason, and WrestleMania 30 seems like the proper big stage. I see this as having a bit of an Andre vs. Hogan vibe, with Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak acting as Andre’s 15-year undefeated mark. It’s a bit tough to see Cena winning, perhaps, but it would give him that extra legacy if he ended the streak.

If Undertaker does lose at Mania (whether here or sometime in the future), it would rank with Savage and Elizabeth reuniting, Austin and Hart changing places, and Michaels ending Flair’s career in the pantheon of emotional WrestleMania moments.


I always expected Cena vs Rock would be a trilogy, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Rock decided not to wrestle anymore after his injury this year. At this stage the members of the active roster that have enough drawing power to oppose Cena would be Punk or, if they keep him on this roll, Bryan. Right now I see Bryan vs Cena at SummerSlam, but that could be the beginning of a feud that culminates at WM. Same with Punk vs Brock. Unless the internet’s annual dream of Punk vs Austin comes true.

In my dreams, Ambrose breaks Undertaker’s streak. Taker has unfinished business with the Shield, and while in reality I doubt the Streak will ever be broken, it would be nice to see Undertaker bow out and give Ambrose the ultimate rub. If you will.


First off, I’m 100% totally sincere when I say I’d like to see the Diva’s title (or whatever Women’s title equivalent happens to exist by WM30) contested as a headlining match. AJ vs Kaitlyn could probably pull out another good one, but them actually putting marginal effort into the Divas division as of late has given me the slightest shimmer of hope. Maybe Sara Del Rey could be brought into the fold instead of being just a trainer. Sara Del Rey vs AJ? Or maybe Natalya? Or Kharma could be brought back into the company??? There’s so many things they could do for the division, and my fantasy booking would definitely include this.

I also want to see Brock vs Rock just for the chance that Brock stiffs him. I’m sorry. I do. I really really do. I would legitimately pay for a WWE pay per view to watch that. That’s how serious I am.


This is a bit hard to say at this point, because who knows who will have a meteoric rise in between now and WrestleMania season, but I can lay out a few scenarios.

Daniel Bryan vs John Cena – I was admittedly a bit sad when WWE switched it up on us and gave us Mark Henry vs John Cena at Money in the Bank but I don’t know why I didn’t see it until now. Perhaps WWE saw the types of reactions that Daniel Bryan has been getting as of late and thought a match of such grandeur should be saved for a much larger scale, perhaps at SummerSlam Bryan gets the shot but loses through no fault of his own so he goes on a quest to win the title, blowing through contendors until he runs roughshot all over the Royal Rumble and wins to go on to WrestleMania to claim the ultimate prize.

CM Punk vs John Cena – Let’s face it. Punk deserves the WrestleMania main event, and John Cena is really the only guy they’re going to give it to him with. I wouldn’t be opposed to a triple threat match with Bryan, as in either scenario, it would be a great match.

Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker – As much as I don’t care about this match, it seems inevitable.They’re running out of top guys to put Brock with and why not put him with the top guy on the top show? And with Taker being as big of a mark for UFC as he is, it just feels like the right fit.

2. How do you think RVD will spend his first three months back in WWE?


I expect Rob Van Dam will fall short in the ladder match at Money in the Bank, then start a feud with an upper-mid level heel heading into Summerslam. Maybe Alberto del Rio? Van Dam and whichever villain will probably trade a few wins, then get lost in the shuffle, and Van Dam will stop being motivated to work.


It’s difficult to pin down RVD’s trajectory when I don’t know what his intentions are. I’ve heard things about a Jericho-esque schedule, but I don’t know if he’s as gung-ho about putting over younger talent as Jericho is. If I was WWE I would be leery of putting a big title on him given his outspoken stance on recreational marijuana use (not that I personally see anything wrong with that, but as it’s illegal in most states I can see why they would frown on it).

All that being said, the Wyatt Family is set for a big debut, and attacking a beloved freshly-returned veteran might make a splash (PUNS!).


RVD will definitely lose to Fandango within the first 3 months of his return. That’s not something I’m looking forward to or my fantasy booking, that’s undeniable fact. He will also beat Wade Barrett at least 3 times on WWE programming, once on RAW. Cesaro will genuinely enjoy the 5 minutes he had with RVD in the second hour of RAW where he got squashed, and it will still probably be the match of the night. He’ll also team up with Sin Cara once and hold the IC title. Or US title. It really doesn’t matter which.


RVD has to come out strong. I highly doubt he’ll win Money in the Bank, but he’ll look great and have a few highlights in the match. Almost immediately, they’re going to put him in a feud with one of the current top guys, my guess is Ziggler or Del Rio, or maybe even Fandango. You know what? Damien Sandow would be great. Or Cody Rhodes. Barrett maybe. OOH! Imagine him vs Punk! Or Bryan! Or Cesaro!

But I digress.

After that, he’ll probably have some kind of confrontation with Ryback where he just says “Hey man, nice tights!” and then goes out for his match that Ryback runs in on only to destroy RVD for a feud afterwards.

3. Which other former star would be the best addition to the WWE roster?


Carlito is a fantastic character with great humor who could be brought back as a face or a heel. I know he had a reputation for being lazy in the ring, but I’m generally a less-is-more kind of wrestling fan. At least his matches felt different from one another.


I wouldn’t mind seeing either of the Hardys return for a last WWE run, but they both seem to be flourishing personally outside of the demanding WWE lifestyle, so I’m not sure they’d want to be thrown back into that. I would be excited to see Morrison return and make a run at a title, as I thought his matches were entertaining and I think he could shine as a character if he was given the creative license he had during the Dirt Sheet days.


I actually heard the rumors that WWE was looking to get back their hot mid-2000s talent they let slip through the cracks and go other places where they learned a lot more than they ever did while in WWE. Personally though? I know he’s still with the company and not really in a wrestling role, but I would absolutely LOVE to see another William Regal run. Even though he’s getting up there in years, judging by his recent matches with Dean Ambrose and Kassius Ohno on FCW and NXT, the guy can still go. He’s already immediately over with the crowd just by being there, and his character could fit easily into any role they put him in. I want to see him get a serious World Heavyweight Title run at the very least; he deserves it for the years he’s put into the company and the business. They aren’t really doing anything with that anyways. Who has it right now? Sheamus?


WWE has a bad habit of burying guys who got over while they’re on the way out, despite how over they were. One of the few who escaped this was MVP, who put in time in Japan. While I haven’t seen any of his work over there, I’m sure he’s gotten better, and could come back with a vengeance. He could talk and wrestle, which is something WWE needs right now, plus they need heels to work with Cena, and he’s the guy to do it.

4. Can you describe what is listed in your browser bookmarks?


Right now I’m most heavily using ESPN Trade Machine, this ShamSports piece on the amount of cap room NBA teams have, as well as looking at various replacements for Google Reader, including Feedly.


Recipes for tye-dye cupcakes and something called Unicorn Poop; unread cracked.com articles; a few gay threesome porn videos; a metric butt-ton of Buffy, Metallica, and wrestling fanfiction.


This and this are both in my bookmarks. So. Take from that what you will. Also this t-shirt which I’ve asked Wicked Clothes to make into a 4XL for at least 6 months and they haven’t gotten back to me. This is required viewing. The only social media website that matters.


I don’t really do a lot of bookmarks. I have a few, and none are really bizarre, but I’ll go ahead and share them.

www.27bslash6.com – A series of articles and stories written for comedic purposes by an Australian author name David Thorne. While I’m sure many of them are fake, they’re still hilarious. “Look Simon, I’m on a roller coaster! Come in to my office and join me! I’ve got pens!”

officialfan.proboards.com/thread/434190 – Random collection of clippings from Wrestling Observer and other rumor mills from years past. What I read of it was somewhat interesting, so I saved it, intending to read more. I wonder why I stopped doing it.

comediansincarsgettingcoffee.com – Jerry Seinfeld takes one of his classic cars and has breakfast with another comedian and they tell stories! How could you go wrong? I actually won a t-shirt and Jerry Seinfeld autograph from here. It was great!

There you have it. The state of WWE going forward, feminist t-shirts, Jerry Seinfeld and gay threesome pornography. When asked in the future what exactly Wrestling On Earth is, this will be our answer. Thank you for reading. We hope you enjoyed this week’s edition. Look out for next week’s edition with a Money in the Bank theme!

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