• Where Are They Now? TNA Lockdown 2014

    What the hell happened to entire 2014 TNA roster?

    This week with RAW postponed by snow, TNA decided to air their Lockdown PPV from last March on a YouTube stream. It led to me think what the hell was even on that show? When looking up the card, I recalled almost every match but it felt like something I watched at least 2-3 years ago rather than eleven months ago.

    Always criticized for a lack of long term planning and booking, TNA proves that correct once again here. Keep in mind this was less than a year ago as I take a glance at where each of these performers currently are today.

    Christopher Daniels, Kazarian and Chris Sabin vs. Sanada, The Great Muta and Yasu

    Christopher Daniels and Kazarian: Left TNA. Currently in ROH. This match was the first shock as it feels like the former Bad Influence have been out of TNA for much longer.

    Chris Sabin: Left TNA. Currently an independent wrestler likely awaiting the launch of Global Force Wrestling. Same sentiment as Daniels and Kazarian. Except he was actually the TNA World Champion less than a year and a half ago. I swear I’m not making that up.

    Sanada: Turned heel. Got wacky face paint. Joined James Storm’s cult. Oh, James Storm now has a cult. Sanada was the bright spot in TNA during the Spring and Summer last year. A fresh new act with an interesting charisma that would deliver good matches. Since the heel turn, he has not done much other than Storm’s bidding. I loved him more than anyone and I forgot he was still even in TNA. That says it all.

    The Great Muta: Went back to Japan. Brought TNA’s biggest PPV of the year Bound For Glory to Japan. The show was not good.

    Yasu: I don’t know.

    Samuel Shaw vs. Mr. Anderson

    Samuel Shaw: Still crazy. Became BFF with Gunner. Turned on Gunner. Dated Brittany. No longer dating Brittany.

    Mr. Anderson: Still around. Unsure of current hair color. Tweets Republican things.

    Tigre Uno vs. Manik

    Tigre Uno: Had a big debut with a win at Lockdown. Doesn’t win matches anymore. Mostly on Xplosion or an enhancement talent on Impact.

    Manik: Joined James Storm’s cult. Can talk now. Got a new mask with a brighter color. Known most for saying ridiculous things on Twitter.

    Gunner vs. James Storm

    Gunner: Had TNA’s version of “Money in the Bank” and lost when he cashed in. Fun fact: Everyone who has ever had the title shot briefcase in TNA has lost their World Title cash-ins. Oh, yeah Gunner. He got beat up by Sam Shaw. That’s about it. Has a ring entrance jacket. I think.

    James Storm: Has a cult as mentioned before. No real explanation about its overall purpose. Won the tag titles with Abyss. Or Manik. Or Sanada. Or the new dude from Ring Ka King. Not sure.

    Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim

    Madison Rayne: Turned heel. Wasn’t TV much after that.

    Gail Kim: Had good matches. Lost belt to Havok in a bad decision. Still around.

    Magnus vs. Samoa Joe

    Magnus: The biggest indictment of TNA is how Magnus can go from being their project as “the next big star” or “face of the company” to a the clear 2nd most important person in a 2nd tier tag team. Magnus lost the title to Eric Young. Went on to team with Bram. I can’t remember the last match of his I saw.

    Samoa Joe: Had a few X Division title reigns. Arguably the biggest underachiever in pro wrestling. Similar to Magnus, he is now in a tag team with Low Ki.

    Team MVP vs. Team Dixie

    MVP: Won control of TNA from heel Dixie Carter. Then turned heel a few weeks later. Currently leading a heel faction of his friends. Bobby Lashley said his shoot name on TV a few weeks ago and it was very REAL.

    The Wolves: Had great matches with the Hardyz and Dudleyz. Davey had like 4 different hair style changes. They got weird tattoos. Or maybe it’s body paint. No one has used the nickname “Eddie Eddie Edwards Edwards” on television.

    Willow: Had awful matches and storylines. Failed. Turned back into Jeff Hardy after a few months. Had great matches teaming with brother Matt Hardy.

    Bobby Roode: Turned face. Won the TNA title. Currently lost in the “TNA stink” (when a talented wrestler has been in TNA so long, you no longer care about them).

    Austin Aries: Same as Bobby Roode.

    The Bro Mans: One was on The Amazing Race. One is hosting an ESPN show. Basically the most successful wrestlers in TNA when you think about it.

    Bully Ray: Turned face by making his goal to a put an old woman through a table. Put an old woman through a table in what TNA calls their greatest moment ever. Left TNA. Dating Velvet Sky. She also left TNA. Was in the Royal Rumble. Wants to fight The Bullet Club. Wants to cut promos vs. Paul Heyman. Wants a podcast.

    Dixie Carter: Got conned by Bully Ray into taking a table bump. Got injured taking a table bump. Lost Spike TV deal. Got Destination America deal. Made insensitive comment about Japan. Ex-TNA talent Tara called her a cunt that she wanted to punch in her face.