• Wrestling On Earth Twitter Hall Of Fame: Wrestler Wing Voting

    The first annual Wrestling On Earth Twitter Hall of Fame inductions are coming in August!

    So far we have announced Wasim Perviz, Joey Image, Eagle Allen and That Guy Who Asks If Kane Is An Incredibly Big Pervert In Real Life. We have one more name to announce but it’s up TO YOU to decide. This is the “Wrestler Wing” where only one wrestler can be inducted per year.

    The candidates are:

    Hulk Hogan



    • Retweeted a fan’s comment about wanting to have sex with Hulk’s daughter Brooke
    • Tweeted out photos of Brooke Hogan’s legs
    • Flirts with Twitter followers
    • Supports fruit
    • Told off jabronie marks without a life that don’t know it a work when you work a work and work yourself into a shoot,marks
    • Twitter Theater superstar

    Kurt Angle



    • Called out other wrestlers for stealing his moves
    • Claimed he was hacked
    • Claimed he wasn’t really hacked but it was just relatives on his Twitter
    • Told off ROH fans for thinking their Goldberg/Amazing Red dream matches matter
    • Finds us all. We are scum.
    • Feud of the year with Wafi Wahidi
    • Twitter Theater superstar

    Lance Storm



    • Dislikes RAW
    • Dislikes TNA
    • Dislikes Chikara
    • Dislikes comedy wrestling gimmicks
    • Dislikes 6 sided rings
    • Dislikes sports
    • Dislikes libraries
    • Dislikes Tom Cruise
    • Dislikes Anne Hathaway
    • Loves Big Bang Theory

    Michael Elgin



    • Twitter name search king
    • Hates all the wrestlers who steal all his moves
    • NJPW Twitter favorite
    • Hates ignorant dickheads
    • Challenges you to fights at shows
    • Hates autocorrect

    Scott Steiner



    • 2012 Twitter of the Year
    • Five star burial of Hulk Hogan
    • Five star burial of Eric Bischoff
    • Five star burial of Ric Flair
    • Five star burial of Brooke Hogan
    • Sued for tweeting too sweet
    • Retired as the best in the world

    You have until 7/21/2014 at midnight to cast your vote.

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