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    The Wild World of WCW Announcer Fashion

    WCW was weird.

    When you watch WCW pay per views, it’s clear that fashion was a big part of the WCW announcer life when it came to the themed shows. Life was tough for broadcasters in the pro wrestling business. Enjoy.

    Here’s the announcers on a normal night

    Handsome gentlemen i their own right

    Handsome gentlemen in their own right

    Here’s the guys on Road Wild aka Hog Wild aka Eric Bischoff’s motorcycle circle jerk show

    You can go straight to hell, Eric Bischoff.

    You can go straight to hell, Eric Bischoff.

    Poor Mean Gene couldn't even escape this.

    Poor Mean Gene couldn’t even escape this.

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    This Or That (9/30/2014)

    Everybody loves binary decisions, especially wrestling fans! In This Or That, we’ve forced ourselves to choose between two options that relate to wrestling.

    Over four questions, @TimWelcomed, @JoeySplashwater and @TomBlargh will have to choose one of two options and give their reasoning on each of their choices. You can then vote on which one you’d choose, giving you the false impression that you’re somehow involved and we care about your opinion chance to join the conversation!

    Before we start, here’s last week‘s results:

    Who will have more WWE World Heavyweight title reigns in 2015?

    Roman Reigns – 58%, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins COMBINED – 42%

    More likely to be running shows this time next year?

    TNA – 76%, Global Force Wrestling – 24%

    Better feud for Bray Wyatt going forward?

    Dolph Ziggler – 53%, Big Show – 47%

    Better vegetable?

    Broccoli – 59%, Lettuce – 41%

    Who will face Seth Rollins in the Cell: John Cena or Dean Ambrose?

    Rumor has it Cena vs. Ambrose kicks off Hell In A Cell. Winner faces Seth Rollins in the main event inside the cage. Loser would face Randy Orton later on.



    I’d gladly go do other things during another Orton vs Cena match if it meant Ambrose’s momentum stays intact and we get a Ambrose vs Rollins Hell In A Cell match out of it. I mean, with Cena being a stand-up guy and a knowledgeable veteran with some pull he would probably tell WWE management that he needs to lose to Ambrose at this juncture and use his powers to do the right thing for the future. RIGHT??

    Dean Ambrose


    It’s very difficult to imagine Cena going on three PPV’s in a row without a victory, especially coming off the Summerslam demolishing by Brock Lesnar. The booking history dictates that he gets some big wins back but man, Dean Ambrose’s momentum is way too hot to stop.

    It feels like Ambrose is on the precipice of something special and he needs one more really strong performance as a “star making night” to get to the next level. Beating the top guy in the company and then his arch rival who has had his number inside Hell In A Cell would be that. Plus, the rumor of the loser facing Orton would give you the out of Cena destroying Orton. It can and will work out where Dean Ambrose faces Seth Rollins inside that Cell.

    Dean Ambrose


    I want to pick Dean Ambrose, but given that’d likely result in YET ANOTHER Cena/Orton PPV match, I can’t go that direction. It’s too unthinkable.

    John Cena

    This poll is closed! Poll activity:
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    end_date 10-05-2014 23:59:59
    Poll Results:

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    Wrestling With Food: Deep-Dish Italian Sausage Lasagna a la J.R.

    The WWF Cookbook is a treasure trove of crazy recipes from the Attitude Era, each of which is purportedly the creation of one of the wrestlers. In Wrestling With Food, Sydney is on a mission to try cooking all of them to see if any are actually edible.


    I know, my little muffin tins. It’s been a while and I totally promised one was coming and then I LIED. To be fair, we moved and the cookbook was in one of the many boxes now residing in my parent’s basement but luckily Tom dug it out and here we are.

    Without further ado, J.R.’s Deep-Dish Italian Sausage Lasagna.

    “I’m a very lucky man. In addition to being ten years younger than I am, and a former gymnast, my beautiful Italian wife is also a wonderful cook! And so was her grandmother, who perfected this recipe decades ago. It’s a tried and true dish that has been making people smile for years. It’s the only lasagna recipe you will ever need”

    I appreciate him throwing in the aside that his wife is both younger AND a former gymnast, just in case we wanted to be reminded that JR is a little saucy.

    The ingredients


    2 pounds sweet italian sausage, crumbled

    2 (28-ounce) jars chunky spaghetti sauce

    2 (15-ounce) containers ricotta cheese (reduced fat, if desired)

    1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese

    1/2 cup grated romano cheese

    2 tablespoons chopped fresh italian flat leaf parsley

    2 table spoons chopped fresh oregano leaves (or 1 tablespoon dried)

    2 (8 ounce) packages (about 20) lasagna noodles, cooked

    4 cups shredded, reduced fat mozzarella cheese

    This will shock you, but unlike with most of my WWF Cookbook creations, I did NOT halve this recipe. You never know when the Lethal Weapon will accept the invite, so we had to make sure we had enough! I also found it… interesting that a recipe from his Italian wife (passed down from the grandmother, no less!) used jar sauce.

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    WCW Comic Book Reading Club: Issue Two, Page 21

    WCW: The Comic Book was published in the early 90s by Marvel Comics. Nobody in wrestling or comics paid it much attention, and after 12 issues, it was cancelled and lost to the ages. Until now.

    On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, @tomblackett will post a new page of the WCW comic with his comments and we’ll read through it together. We’ll be there for each other, through the good (Vader! The Steiners! Sting! Cactus Jack!) and the (Johnny B.) Badd.

    WCW: The Comic (Issue Two, Page 21)


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    Over/Under: 9/23/2013

    Is it possible to predict the future of the wrestling world? Given that ‘plans change’ might as well be the official motto of the WWE, this might be easier said than done, but in Over/Under, we’re still gonna try!

    Each week, we choose five scenarios and predict how likely they are to come true, by saying whether it’s ‘over’ (i.e. we think it’s over the odds that it’ll happen) or ‘under’ (i.e. we think it’s under the odds). With usual site member @TomBlackett on sabbatical, we have @BradWardFGN here to replace him for the week. He’ll join usual members of the site @TimWelcomed and @typicalROHfan to embarrass themselves by being the ones to make the predictions.

    January 26, 2014: The date John Cena returns

    The rumors are that John Cena will return at the Royal Rumble, which is slated for January 27, 2014. Cena has a history of returning from injuries way earlier than expected.



    John Cena always comes back early but I think he’ll be back at the Royal Rumble this year. I don’t dislike Cena at all but I have enjoyed him not being around for a bit. He needed some rest anyway.



    John Cena‘s history of injuries usually result in a shockingly early return but I don’t see it happening this time. Due to being older in age, protecting him for Wrestlemania and the current storyline going on.

    With someone important (Triple H) involved in the feud, I think the boss (Triple H) will give them (Triple H) more faith in running time until Cena comes back around the time of the Royal Rumble giving a bit more time to get ready for WM season.

    My prediction would be Cena is hyped to return at the Royal Rumble but ends up getting eliminated via underhanded tactics by Triple H’s group leading to either a WM match vs. Orton for the title or vs. Triple H in an attraction match.



    This is a weird one because you have Sheamus returning around the same time frame and you want to give the Cena Wrestlemania feud enough time as possible.

    For that reason, I think Cena may return later. I think he’ll return the day after Royal Rumble.


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