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    WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Preview and Predictions

    “Don’t compare Extreme Rules to ECW.” – Tazz (2016)

    Giving their thoughts and predictions on what to expect from the PPV are members of the site @JoeyOnEarth, @TimWelcomed and @TomBlargh.


    Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler in a No DQ Match on the kickoff show


    Poor Breakfast. There is basically no chemistry between these two and they have yet to have a noteworthy match. Hopefully the No DQ stipulation helps add to it and Corbin gets the final win in their series. I don’t have much hope for it being anything special and they will not be able to live up to last month’s legendary Ryback vs. Kalisto kickoff match.

    Interest Level: 4/10
    Prediction: Baron Corbin wins.


    This feud has been really forgettable so Corbin has that going for him at least. In a couple of months no one will remember any of this. Corbin definitely needs the win. He needs to work with someone better than Ziggler to get going. He can look good in the right scenarios. Lets just get it over with. I think I just decided to fix me an adult beverage for this show.

    Interest Level: 0/10
    Prediction: “Big Breakfast” Baron Corbin wins.


    Fucking Ziggler, the debut killer. Just let him get squashed by Breakfast so we can move on with our lives!

    Interest Level: 2/10
    Prediction: “The Big Breakfast” gets the big win.

    The Usos vs. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows in a Tornado Tag Match


    The hatred towards Roman Reigns has carried over to the Usos and it’s wonderful. This ensures fans will actually care about their tag matches now and I think this could be a sleeper good match. It will likely open the show to set the tone for the main event. I haven’t enjoyed their tag matches on television much but it was always meant to culminate in a big AJ Styles/Reigns brawl. This time should see a real winner and a legitimate match.

    Interest Level: 7/10
    Prediction: Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows win.


    When I was little I used to want every tag match to be a tornado tag. I’m pretty excited to see one here. This is a tag match with an actual story and two teams that can be entertaining. The Clubb (I think it needs two b’s so I will spell it with two b’s) should get the win here. This has everything it needs to be a match of the night contender but I have a feeling things might fall apart. Hopefully I’m wrong! Either way I am very interested in this match.

    Interest Level: 8/10
    Prediction: Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows of The Clubb wins


    Man, I’m pretty into tornado tags (or at least I was in WWF No Mercy for the N64), so this is something I can get behind. Gallows and Anderson have had a bit of a strange debut so far, right? They’ve added an interesting edge to the AJ and Roman feud but it’s hard to consider them as a separate entity that has matches which don’t involve AJ. Anyway, I think this could be a pretty decent time.

    Interest Level: 7/10
    Prediction: Anderson and Gallows win.

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    WWE Extreme Rules 2015 Preview and Predictions

    Absurd Rules.

    Giving their thoughts and predictions on what to expect from the PPV are members of the site @JoeySplashwater, @TimWelcomed and @TomBlargh.


    Cesaro and Tyson Kidd vs. The New Day for the Tag Team Championship on the pre-show


    Call me a Pointer Sister because I’m So Excited. This match will be outstanding. Imagine the love for Cesaro and Kidd but even better the hatred for The New Day in Chicago! The place will be electric. I’m 100% on board with heel New Day. My hope is for a title change and the New Day Sucks era to take over the WWE Universe.

    Interest Level: 10/10
    Prediction: The New Day wins.


    I’m tired of thinking these pre-show tag matches will be anything I’ll remember in a couple of months. They’re always solid and good for kicking off a show but there’s just a blandness to them. I don’t feel like there are any real stakes and I wish all of these good tag teams were in shown off in a better light.

    Look, Cesaro and Kidd are an awesome pair. I like every guy in The New Day. They’ll go out and do what they do and for that moment it’ll be an enjoyful kickstart to this PPV. I should be looking forward to this match way more than I am. I want Kidd and Cesaro to retain. The New Day gimmick wasn’t good when they were faces and is still not very good with them having ‘tudes. All three guys deserve better.

    Interest Level: 3/10
    Prediction: Cesaro and Tyson Kidd win.


    I’m with T-Man here, the pre-show tags aren’t really doing it for me anymore. It’ll be FINE and all these guys only show up in the parts of Raw that I tend to skip (which is most of Raw, to be honest) so it’ll be fun to see them, but I can’t say I’m particularly excited. New Day’s deal is… I dunno, man. I just dunno.

    Interest Level: 4/10
    Prediction: Cesaro and Tyson Kidd win.

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    Extreme Rules 2014 Preview and Predictions

    No relation to Extreme Rising. R.I.P.


    Giving their thoughts and predictions on what to expect from the PPV are members of the site @JoeySplashwater, @TimWelcomed and @TomBlackett.

    El Torito vs. Hornswoggle in a WeeLC Pre-Show match


    I’m kind of interested in this. Is that bad? El Torito is a better performer than a lot of the wrestlers on the main card. The shenanigans and TLC parody of it should provide fun.

    Interest Level: 8/10
    Prediction: El Torito wins.


    I’m a huge supporter of El Torito. Him in a TLC match should be pretty awesome. I am ridiculously intrigued about whether they’ll have mini-weapons or not. I’m probably more excited for this than most of the actual PPV card.

    Interest Level: 9/10
    Prediction: El Torito wins


    FUCK YES. I’m thrilled by the prospect of this. TLC and ladder matches are ripe for a little parody (no pun intended) and El Torito’s tremendous.

    Interest Level: 9/10
    Prediction: El Torito wins.

    Big E. Langston vs. Bad News Barrett for the IC Championship


    If I were these wrestlers, I would hope to lose this match if I wanted to ever be higher on the card. These mid-card titles just destroy any momentum you have these days, which is going to be bad news for Bad News Barrett fans once again.

    Interest Level: 6/10
    Prediction: Bad News Barrett wins.


    Every time someone I like wins the Intercontinental Championship I think “Oh, maybe they are going to try and make the belt worth something” and a few weeks after that I think “Man, whatever happened to _________? I really liked him.” Big E. Langston is one of those people.

    I’m ready for Big E to move on and now is as good a time as any to go ahead and let Barrett’s push slowly fade away in mid-card championship oblivion… Oh, maybe with Barrett’s push they are going to try and make the belt worth something again!

    Interest Level: 4/10
    Prediction: Barrett Wins.


    I’m somewhat interested in Barrett push #217, but the problem is he still has something of the Smackdown Stink on him (i.e. it feels like I’ve seen him wrestle every single guy on the roster at least five times on shows I don’t care about and it’s become very difficult to look forward to any of his matches as a result).

    NOW, hopefully he’ll put on a good performance and it’ll be fun, but I wish they’d done a little more to build this up from Big E’s end – so far, he’s just been shown awkwardly watching the monitors in the back, and I could do with him being a little more involved and invested in all of it.

    Interest Level: 5/10
    Prediction: Bad News Barrett wins.

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