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    This Or That (4/29/2014)

    Everybody loves binary decisions, especially wrestling fans! In This Or That, we’ve forced ourselves to choose between two options that relate to wrestling.

    Over four questions, @TimWelcomed, @JoeySplashwater and @TomBlackett will have to choose one of two options and give their reasoning on each of their choices. You can then vote on which one you’d choose, giving you the false impression that you’re somehow involved and we care about your opinion chance to join the conversation!

    Before we start, here’s last week‘s results:

    More likely to succeed?

    Bo Dallas – 52%, Adam Rose– 48%

    Better WWE reality show?

    Total Divas – 71%, Legends’ House – 29%

    Who do you side with in their Twitter war?

    Kevin Nash – 55%, Roddy Piper – 45%

    Better season?

    Spring – 57%, Summer – 43%

    Which push are you looking forward to more: Cesaro or Bad News Barrett?

    Submitted by @WrestlingFanRJ, which rising star are you more excited about?



    I haven’t really cared for Wade Barrett since the very early parts of the Nexus. I don’t think he’s a bad wrestler or anything but I don’t think he’s ever been given a good gimmick and I just do not have any reason to look at him for my entertainment. I really can’t stand the Bad News thing and it’s made him look like an even bigger joke until the last few weeks where they’ve started pushing him. It seems to be working for a lot of people.

    Cesaro has made whatever is given to him work. He hasn’t had super horrible gimmicks (I don’t remember him yodeling. Show me videos and I still will not remember it). but still, he gets over by embracing what he’s given and being a beast in the ring. I am looking forward to the rise of Cesaro way more for a few reasons. He almost always has good matches. Nearly every match he participates in has at least one moment you will remember. He has a great mouthpiece in Paul Heyman.

    I think this is a sink or swim time for Barrett but I just don’t find myself to enthralled at this point no matter how hard I try to get into it. Cesaro keeps my attention and seems to be heading in a direction that will continue to keep me watching him with anticipating eyes. It’s not entirely Barrett’s fault that I don’t care but he does seem awfully “mid-card bland” no matter what position he is in. I will say I’ve thought about these two as a tag team before. I could definitely get behind that farther down the road.



    Most consider me to be a Wade Barrett hater and I’m definitely not a fan but even I have to admit the Bad News Barrett gimmick is taking off more than any of his MANY other pushes did. That being said, I’ve got some bad news for Bad News. Cesaro is better.

    Becoming one of the most exciting things in wrestling, I am excited to see what happens with Cesaro. Now with Paul Heyman being his manager, it adds even more interesting layers to his future. Even if it doesn’t work out as well as I hope, Cesaro is just more entertaining in the ring and as a personality so of course, my answer is Cesaro.



    As a European, it delights me to see two of my… well, not countrymen, so continentmen? That doesn’t sound right at all. Anyway, it’s fun to see these guys with wacky old accents featured in such a prominent role right now. I’ve never cared too much either way for old Wade Barrett, but I’ll admit to enjoying some of his recent segments. They do seem to have toned him down quite a bit since he’s started wrestling again though, so I just hope they don’t go too far and remove any trace elements of fun in an effort to make him come off as a Serious Competitor.

    Cesaro’s a favourite and I’m really excited to see how his path continues, but… well, he’s going to be okay regardless, y’know? He’s just REALLY good and no amount of Swagger tagging or yodeling is going to keep him down, whereas I think this might be old Barrett’s last chance. So, just for the sake of some variety, I’ll go with Bad News Barrett.

    Bad News Barrett

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    WWE Summerslam 2013 Preview

    WWE’s summer spectacular, Summerslam, will hit great highs or end with a heartbreaking low with one of their better cards in quite some time. On paper, it has all the makings of a great show.

    Giving their thoughs and predictions on what to expect from the biggest show of the summer are members of the site @TimWelcomed, @typicalROHfan and @TomBlackett.


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    Wrestling On Earth Fantasy Draft: Round Three

    Everyone thinks they could run their own wrestling company, but we’re determined to prove it, with the Wrestling On Earth Fantasy Draft!

    Making their picks in the following order will be:

    You can see the draft’s introduction and rules here. The picks so far are:

    • Round One: Daniel Bryan, John Cena, CM Punk, Jeff Hardy.
    • Round Two: Gedo, Brock Lesnar, Sami Zayn, Dean Ambrose.

    Let the third round begin!

    Wrestling On Earth Fantasy Draft: Round Three

    Brad’s pick: CHRISTIAN



    Christian is a seasoned pro wrestler who has been involved in the pro wrestling business for over 10 years, during which time he’s been a top guy in both TNA and WWE. Christian has one of the most entertaining styles, that can go well with pretty much anyone he faces – I like to say he could give a broomstick a great match.

    He is a multiple time world champion, has competed with the best in the business and is also a very good talker. In recent years, I feel he has never really been given the opportunity to shine in the long-term and I feel that Christian is the perfect guy to work with Daniel Bryan as top faces of the company. Continue reading