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    Seven Things: Top 7 Wrestlers Younger Than I Am

    God damn. This is going to be depressing to write.

    I was reading The Wrestling Blog a week ago and one of the questions was asking to compile a list of the best wrestlers younger than you. An idea was fully formulated to write this because as I grow older, I continue to find myself getting quite depressed for a good few minutes when realizing a great athlete is younger than me. I’m still relatively young with my birth date being in February of 1989, making me a healthy 25 year old.

    Luckily in wrestling, there are very few wrestlers younger than me and the ones that are, happen to just be a couple of months younger typically. I’ll delve deeper into my insecurities and self doubt as a human looking at the wrestlers younger than me who have accomplished far more than I have in less time.

    Disclaimer: This list is based on how much a wrestler depresses me with their age more so than who is the best. Only the most scientific ranking systems here at Wrestling On Earth.

    7. Bo Dallas (24 years old)


    Before I researched this, I never would have guessed Bo Dallas was younger than me. In fact, I’d have assumed he was nearing 30 rather than barely being 25. Maybe it’s due to the nature of Dallas being an odd looking individual. I recently watched an interview of Bo that made me appreciate just how awkward of a human being he truly is and I now like him a little more than I used to.

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    Sexy Wrestler of The Week

    Let’s do this. Let’s name The Sexy Wrestler of The Week right now.

    Here’s your usual “The votes have been counted” bit. This week, things get pretty real. You have voted someone as Sey Wrestler of The Week, yet again. I had thought the fan base had sort of died out but his votes had a huge reemergence this week. Who is it? Well, it’s most likely the person you voted for, statistically speaking. Most votes were in their favor.

    So here it is…


    …AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaand there he is. Your Sexy Wrestler of The Week, Bo Dallas. In this picture he is telling Martin Mull (who is dressed as a scientist) about winning this prestigious award in front of one of the last known F.Y.E.’s. It’s a pretty rare photo but it is legit. Have a good week and never forget to vote. It is important.

    Sexy Wrestler of The Week

    Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to whistle along as we name The Sexy Wrestler of The Week!

    The votes have been counted. The award has been shined and prepared. Your voices have been heard. We have your Sexy Wrestler of The Week lined up and ready for revealing. Are you ready? Of course you are!

    This week we will take a trip down memory lane to when this week’s winner was just getting started in the entertainment business and was actually a recurring character on a famous TV show for three seasons! I hope that didn’t give away who the winner is!

    Let’s get to it…


    That’s right! Bo Dallas is your Sexy Wrestler of The Week again! I’m sure we all remember his tenure as local Mayberry bad boy Darling McManus on The Andy Griffith Show.

    He brought us many laughs through those years. Like the time he tried drowning Gomer Pyle in a bucket of mashed potatoes or that time Andy had to lock him up for a few days after he tried giving Aunt Bee the business! I’m cracking all of my ribs just thinking about those zany situations.

    I’m glad we all could take this journey down the good times of yesteryear as well as enjoy the newest Sexy Wrestler of The Week reveal. Hopefully we can meet up next weekend who knows? Maybe in a few years we can reminisce about this very moment. I think that would just be swell!

    Sexy Wrestler of The Week

    It’s Wednesday. That means it is time to name who you voted as The Sexy Wrestler of The Week!

    With today’s winner, we may have a new streak on our hands. I don’t know if he can ever beat Adam Cole’s legendary run as Sexy Wrestler of The Week but this is definitely this guy’s third time and second in a row:


    Bo Dallas is The Sexy Wrestler of The Week. So, it seems the majority of you have taken a liking to Mr. Dallas. I find it strange but here at Wrestling On Earth we listen to the people. Continue voting on who you want to see as the winner and we will keep counting those votes.

    This Or That (4/21/2014)

    Everybody loves binary decisions, especially wrestling fans! In This Or That, we’ve forced ourselves to choose between two options that relate to wrestling.

    Over four questions, @TimWelcomed, @JoeySplashwater and @TomBlackett will have to choose one of two options and give their reasoning on each of their choices. You can then vote on which one you’d choose, giving you the false impression that you’re somehow involved and we care about your opinion chance to join the conversation!

    Before we start, here’s last week‘s results:

    More likely to eventually end Daniel Bryan’s title reign?

    Brock Lesnar – 65%, John Cena – 35%

    Better WWE era premise?

    The Reality Era – 75%, The Attitude Era – 25%

    Cooler mask?

    Wyatt Family sheep mask – 64%, The Shield’s new entrance mask – 36%

    Bigger disgrace?

    Wrestling’s GreenLanternFan – 60%, The Green Lantern movie – 40%

    More likely to succeed: Adam Rose or Bo Dallas?

    Which NXT call-up and former Sexy Wrestler of the Week has a better chance?



    I don’t see either going anywhere. I think Adam Rose will have a fan base for a short few months only to live in Fandango territory. Bo will have a little longer longevity because there is more to get out of his gimmick but once they try moving him away from it or changing it at all from it’s NXT formula Bo will sink. It is the only thing that can work for him and eventually it will get tired and they’ll change it. I don’t see Bo being tolerable in any other form.

    I think they could eventually reinvent Rose and it work for him. Moreso than reinventing Bo Dallas would work, anyway. I think WWE showing a video package of their NXT days kind of explaining the characters would help a lot. It definitely would have with Emma.

    Adam Rose


    In almost any other era of wrestling, I think both gimmicks would fail hard but things are different now. I say it lovingly but the fan base is consisting of a more smark fan base of hipster types. The Wyatt Family has become a phenomenon with a gimmick that many were skeptical of and I can see both happening here.

    That being said, I’m going with Adam Rose. His party gimmick is more universal and easy to understand. The delusional Bo Dallas BOLIEVE gimmick started due to the fans at NXT organically beginning to get sick of him. I think it could work out but it will be more difficult to get it across properly. Rose will get over and he has a bonus in that Triple H seemingly loves his upside.

    Adam Rose


    Very tough to say! Neither guy seems to have any obvious longevity with their current gimmicks, especially given how similarly extravagant characters who’ve been bumped up form NXT in recent years (like Fandango and Sandow) have since been toned down and/or shunted to the side for the most part.

    Honestly, Bo’s saving grace might be his status as the brother of Bray Wyatt and the fact that we’re currently in the midst of the sensational REALITY ERA. His motivational speaker shtick might not last, but just wait until they start blurring the lines of reality and fiction to make him the Kane to Bray’s ‘Taker! THEY COULD EVEN BRING IN IRS AS THE PAUL BEARER FIGURE, IT ALL WORKS.

    Bo Dallas

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    Poll Results:

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    Sexy Wrestler of The Year

    Welcome to the grandest event in the history of pro wrestling.

    You voted and we, being the lovers of democracy that we are, listened. We are gathered here to name out first ever Sexy Wrestler of The Year. Not The Sexy Wrestler of The Week, not The Sexy Wrestler of The Month, and definitely not The Sexy Wrestler of The Season. This is going to change the world and we hope that you are ready for it.

    Let’s count down the participants and their votes!

    Roderick Strong
    1 vote / 2%


    I guess you could say he’s way better at breaking backs than breaking hearts! Continue reading

    Sexy Wrestler of The Week

    Turn off your screensaver because it’s time to unveil your Sexy Wrestler of The Week!

    After a much needed hiatus, I am back to present to you the Sexy Wrestler of The Week. I just got back in today so the fill-in presenter was in charge of tallying the votes for this past week. I noticed that you all had moved on from Adam Cole to Prince Devitt. I find it odd that this happened the week of me leaving.

    What’s even more strange is the winner for this week. I came in and all of the collected voting data for this week had been deleted. I was going to double check the votes when I saw who the previous writer had tallied as the winner. I hate to say it, but I think he might be trying to sabotage my legitimacy.

    With that said, here is “your” winner.

    bo dallas

    That’s right… my fill-in said that you all voted for Bo Dallas as your Sexy Wrestler of The Week. I hope he is telling the truth. I really don’t want to be ruining the prestige of this weekly competition.