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    Sexy Wrestler of The Week

    Cruise ships suck so let’s forget about them while naming The Sexy Wrestler of The Week.

    This was supposed to be week number of my cruise ship adventure but due to unfortunate circumstances I removed myself from the ship. Security did not have any part of this despite what you may read in local newspapers. Marty lost all of his money on the ship so when he removed himself from the ship he moved in with me and sleeps on my couch. He knows a lot about the 1980’s wrestling scene so I am letting him count the votes and he is also in charge of putting together the picture for the winner.

    According to Marty, the votes were pretty easy to count this week as he counted all of them within thirty minutes. He’s a real big help! Anyway, let’s get to it.


    That is right. Hulk Hogan is The Sexy Wrestler of The Week! You all really respect the past that made wrestling what it is today and for that I respect you! I’m not sure I’ll let Marty do the pictures anymore but he did great with the vote counting. As soon as he makes enough money to move out I’ll go back to handling all of this… plus, I’ll quit opening my cabinet to nothing but empty liquor bottles. Marty is starting to be a real burden.

    Dirt Sheet History: April 2008

    Take a trip back to a memorable timeline in sports entertainment with the most important stories reported as fact in the journalistic world of pro wrestling dirt sheets.

    Following the timeline of the last Dirt Sheet History looking back at March 2008, we get a glimpse into the top scoops from April of 2008 as we read Dirt Sheet History.

    Reminder that you can find all past editions of Dirt Sheet History looking at 2004 through 2007 right here. Now enjoy April 2008.



    * With today being April Fool’s Day, TNAWrestling.com has posted numerous bogus stories. One of the stories includes a Photoshopped image of the Rock ‘N Rave Infection on the cover of the popular video game Rock Band while another story states that Angelina Love and Velvet Sky have announced the first charity event for ugly people.


    * A camera crew followed Kurt Angle into the TGI Friday’s restaurant in Orlando where wrestlers from WWE and TNA were hanging out the Friday night before WrestleMania 24. According to several sources, the WWE superstars were freaking out that Angle was filming and were very careful about not appearing on camera. After what happened with Robbie McAllister, nobody wanted to show up on a another show affiliated with TNA.


    * MTV.com has a new article online on the upcoming Get Smart film starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Steve Carell, and Anne Hathaway. The Great Khali also has a role in the film. Steve Carell commented in the article on meeting Khali by saying, “Literally, you shake his hand and you are shaking the inner part of his palm. He could put his hand over your entire head and crush you. He’s a very sweet guy, but he did not speak English really well. I don’t even know if he was completely aware that he was doing a movie.”

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    This Or That (1/20/2015)

    Everybody loves binary decisions, especially wrestling fans! In This Or That, we’ve forced ourselves to choose between two options that relate to wrestling.

    Over four questions, @TimWelcomed, @JoeySplashwater and @TomBlargh will have to choose one of two options and give their reasoning on each of their choices. You can then vote on which one you’d choose, giving you the false impression that you’re somehow involved and we care about your opinion chance to join the conversation!

    Before we start, here’s last week‘s results:

    Worse Royal Rumble moment?

    Batista’s 2014 Royal Rumble win – 60%, The entire Royal Rumble 1999 match – 40%

    What will be more successful in 2015?

    NJPW World – 66%, WWE Network – 34%

    Who will have a TV show with more viewers at the end of 2016?

    TNA – 91%, Global Force Wrestling – 9%

    Better food?

    Chinese – 68%, Thai – 32%

    More likely to have a great match at Wrestlemania 31: Sting or Roman Reigns?

    Which unlikely feat is more likely?



    I feel like Triple H is more likely to bring a decent match out of Sting. I’m not sure anyone can do that with Roman Reigns at this point. Even his match against Rollins was not very entertaining to me and Rollins very rarely has matches that don’t draw me in.



    Sting is facing Triple H and Triple H has been on fire over the last year. Great matches with Daniel Bryan and The Shield. Excellent promos. Getting fruit baskets from the internet wrestling community. (That’s what they signed the card as.) In Triple H I trust.

    Also, Roman Reigns sucks.



    There was a Bound For Glory a few years ago (2011, maybe?) where my main man Sting “The Steveman” Borden had a decently fun match with the mostly immobile Hulkster so I’m confident he’ll be able to pull out another **1/2 classic with Triple H. Sadly, I can’t say the same for “The Powerhouse” Roman Reigns.


    [poll id=”115″]

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    ScoopZone Elite: January 19, 2015

    We’ve consulted our inside sources to bring you the best and most EXCLUSIVE dirt on your favorite wrestling promotions from around the world. Unlike other sites, we’ll only bring you 100% accurate and truthful wrestling news every week. We’re still working on our paywall, so please only read these stories if you’re an elite member.


    News for The Week of January 19, 2015


    • WWE creative wants Kofi Kingston to sprout wings to top his usual Royal Rumble shenanigans.


    • WWE has already hired some of the best editors in show business to drown out the crowd response after Roman Reigns wins the Royal Rumble on Sunday.


    • Shane Douglas has been seen sleeping in a tent in his old wrestling gear behind the Wells Fargo Center.



    • Josh Mathews needlessly insulted Jim Ross on Twitter because he’s angry that TNA made him move to Nashville only to commentate from a tiny office room with Taz smoking a cigar.


    • Eric Young shaved the sides of his head because that’s part of the qualifications of being a heel in TNA today.


    • Dixie Carter still suggests that TNA hire Jessie Godderz despite him being with the company for years now.

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    Man Possessed By The Spirit of The American Males


    • Alberto El Patron recently debuted on ROH TV, debuted at the Lucha Underground tapings and plans to debut in every wrestling promotion that isn’t TNA.


    • The severe lack of ECW reunion shows over the last year has many fans wondering what to do with their lives.


    • Lance Storm steals condiments and utensils from restaurants and sells them on Ebay.


    Sexy Wrestler of The Week

    Blue Skies. Blue Water. New Sexy Wrestler of The Week.

    Ah, yes. It’s that time of the week again and here I am lounging on the deck of the magnificent Mystic Breeze coasting along in the heart of the ocean. I’ve got a piña colada in my hand (it’s a local drink) and my new friend Marty sitting beside me.


    “Marty being boated back to Mystic Breeze after getting lost for a whole day in Isla Mujeres, Mexico and missing the ships departure.”

    Marty is a 56 year old retired golf pro and he is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. He’s the life of the party when we go drink at the bar and is quite the competitive snooker player. He gave one of the Rogers brothers a huge wedgie after a heated match. Everyone loved it. Him calling the ship “Mystic Cheese” always gets our cruise buddies going.

    It’s been really nice out here and I have two more weeks of this! I am the luckiest person to have had the money to pull this off. I’m pretty rich now and it was NOT for advertising Mortdecai on this site. We do not do advertising deals and I would never put my journalistic integrity on the line for a quick buck. I was genuinely sharing my opinion of a movie that I believed everyone was excited about. The accusatory statements need to stop now. You can try to ruin my vacation but you WILL NOT. Me and Marty are too busy causing a ruckus down at the boat’s buffet to worry about your ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT. Capisce? Get in line because you are embarrassing yourselves.

    Me and The Mart sat down over a few scotched peps (scotch with jalepeños) and counted up the votes last night and I think this week’s winner is refreshing. I love some face paint (although Marty thinks painting your face is a sign of weakness) so this is pretty cool!


    That is right, buddies! Goldust is The Sexy Wrestler of The Week. Marty approves because he matches his necklace and watch. Marty makes the funniest noises when his necklace gets caught on his chest hair in the pool.

    The best part of this is that when Goldust is away from the squared circle he actually is the captain of his own ship! Maybe you’ve seen the SS Gold Boat floating by. Well, that is Goldust’s ship so yeah… that’s a thing.

    Anyway, Marty is getting escorted away by security so I’ve got to run and find out what is going on. Hope he didn’t get caught trying to throw one of the Rogers brothers off the ship again. He was just kidding. He was even laughing!

    What To Watch On The WWE Network: WCW 1998 (Part 1)

    We watch wrestling shows. We will talk about wrestling shows.

    @JoeySplashwater here. Recently, I used the WWE Network to watch all of the WCW 1998 pay-per-views. One of the hottest periods in wrestling and all shows I watched as a kid, I’ll share some quick thoughts and tell you what matches you should go out of your way to see on each show.

    This post will break down the first half of the year with a future post looking at the latter half including the rise of Goldberg and Dennis Rodman vs. Karl Malone main event.

    Souled Out 1998

    Watch this:

    • Juventud Guerrera, Super Calo, Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Lizmark Jr v. Psychosis, La Parka, Silver King and El Dandy was excellent. Very fun showcase of the lucha style that had the crowd red hot. One of the best lucha showcases in WCW that didn’t feature guys who were bigger than the niche such as a Rey Mysterio or Ultimo Dragon.


    • Raven vs. Chris Benoit was also outstanding. Their polar opposites of ring style and character helped give a great story. If I didn’t already know how great all combinations of Benoit, Raven and Diamond Dallas Page matches were, I’d have never guessed how wonderful a match Benoit and Raven would have had. Top tier opening two matches for a PPV.


    • Scott Hall vs. Larry Zbyszko due to the ending is must see. Dusty Rhodes is legendary and a brilliant performer. However, in the late years of WCW, he was more hilarious than anything. Dusty was a WCW commentator like Larry but turned heel to join the nWo. The best part was he danced as he very slowly unbuttoned his dress shirt to reveal the nWo colors. It’s amazing comedy.

    Overall show thoughts:

    The opening hour of the show is near perfect. There’s a Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio match there but Rey was injured so they didn’t showcase their best work. Bret Hart vs. Ric Flair in Bret’s debut WCW match was lackluster as they never had chemistry and Flair’s last years in WCW were rough as was Hart’s entire WCW tenure. The double main event of Lex Luger vs. Randy Savage and Kevin Nash vs. The Giant were wastes of time.


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    This Or That (1/7/2015)

    Everybody loves binary decisions, especially wrestling fans! In This Or That, we’ve forced ourselves to choose between two options that relate to wrestling.

    Over four questions, @TimWelcomed, @JoeySplashwater and @TomBlargh will have to choose one of two options and give their reasoning on each of their choices. You can then vote on which one you’d choose, giving you the false impression that you’re somehow involved and we care about your opinion chance to join the conversation!

    Before we start, here’s last week‘s results:

    Better Christmas movie?

    A Christmas Story – 67%, Christmas Vacation – 33%

    Better Home Alone movie?

    Home Alone – 73%, Home Alone 2: Lost In New York – 27%

    Better Christmas movie?

    Elf – 52%, Bad Santa – 48%

    Better Christmas cartoon?

    How The Grinch Stole Christmas – 80%, Frosty the Snowman – 20%

    All questions are submitted by good ol’ Nightlife (@AnimeKing420) this week so he’s on the panel.

    Worse Royal Rumble moment: Batista’s 2014 win or The entire Royal Rumble 1999 match?

    Which Royal Rumble moment made you cringe more?



    The end of the 2014 Royal Rumble is probably one of the most heartwarming moments in wrestling to me. To see and hear so many people acknowledge that a great (and arguably the best) wrestler wasn’t getting what he deserved was amazing. Any other time and place and I doubt Batista would’ve received that reaction. Poor Rey Mysterio, though. After seeing the reaction to Daniel Bryan’s return I have some hope that maybe Roman Reigns will be in Batista’s shoes at the end of the Royal Rumble this year.

    Both of these moments say a lot about WWE. I can’t think of any Royal Rumble that was as bad as 1999’s. In fact, that whole year was pretty ridiculous. It did way more harm than good and is the Royal Rumble I go back to watch the least.

    Royal Rumble 1999


    Last year was worse at the time but it ended up being an amazing moment. I’ve watched the last 5 minutes of the 2014 Royal Rumble at least 20 times in the last year. It’s amazing television that is so glorious. I’ll go on record and say I’d rather see Roman Reigns win the 2015 Rumble and get the Batista treatment than someone like Dolph Ziggler win it.

    The 1999 Royal Rumble was just a train wreck. But I think I’m gonna go with 2014 just because of the whole “it’s so bad, it’s good” logic. 2014’s Royal Rumble was the epitome of that. Therefore it wins for being good and bad. Get it? Good.

    Royal Rumble 2014


    I rewatched the ’99 Rumble for the first time in a few years just for this, and my god, was that match horrible. The entire focus of the match was a tedious, drawn-out arena-wide brawl between Stone Cold and Vince, the cool Rumble spots and surprises being thrown to the wayside in favor of the continuation of the top feud. Besides the Austin/McMahon brawl, all I remember from that match was Big Daddy V being kidnapped by some jabronies.

    While overall the Stone Cold/McMahon feud was legendary, this was absolutely a low point. As bad as Batista winning in 2014 was, this was as bad as that one short moment, but also stretched out over an hour and featuring Vince McMahon returning to commentary to bury everyone. It also doesn’t help that the Rumble match went on right after Rock and Mankind tore the house down.

    Royal Rumble 1999


    Sick of all these marks talking shit about Vince Russo’s masterpiece. Royal Rumble ’99 was PRETTY DUMB but I don’t have bad memories of it at all. Batista winning the Rumble last year was hilarious on one level, but just really depressing on another. Thank God the Punker sacrificed himself to save Wrestlemania, like the wrestling Jesus he truly is.

    Batista’s 2014 win

    [poll id=”111″]

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    ScoopZone Elite: January 12, 2015

    We’ve consulted our inside sources to bring you the best and most EXCLUSIVE dirt on your favorite wrestling promotions from around the world. Unlike other sites, we’ll only bring you 100% accurate and truthful wrestling news every week. We’re still working on our paywall, so please only read these stories if you’re an elite member.


    News for The Week of January 12, 2015


    • Fandango has been listening to Careless Whisper on repeat ever since he realized his “new and improved” gimmick wasn’t helping him.


    • Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Erick Rowan are terrified of management and fans forgetting their existence to work a work into a shoot.


    • Luke Harper claims his shirts aren’t getting dirtier. It just looks like that because he started buying off-white tank tops.



    • Mike Tenay’s show will feature all of the action that the TNA production team misses during the live broadcast of Impact.


    • Manik gets a bonus every time he says something ridiculous on social media.


    • Even Big Show thought Eric Young‘s heel turn was pointless last week.

    -Sponsored Links-

    Why I Take Wrestling Serious!


    • WWN Live is planning to unify the EVOLVE and DGUSA championships only a year or two after DGUSA ended.


    • AIW has announced Shannon Moore for an upcoming event to show they do not discriminate against people with body ink.


    • Lance Storm is boycotting #BoycottRAW.


    Wrestlemania On Earth: Wrestlemania 31 Card Predictions

    Wrestlemania season is underway as we get ready for the Royal Rumble. The guys try to predict the WM card.

    Site members @JoeySplashwater, @TomBlargh and @TimWelcomed give their (un)educated guesses on what the card will be for Wrestlemania 31.


    Joey predicts the Wrestlemania 31 card

    • Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship

    With the aftermath of how things went after deciding to go with Daniel Bryan over Batista, I think WWE will stay the course this year and go with its dream match of Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns. Rumors say this has been the plan since last April. I unfortunately don’t see enough to change my expectation of this being the main event.

    • Triple H vs. Sting

    This one is fairly obvious at this point and would be the most sure bet. Maybe something is on the line like winner gets to run RAW or maybe it’s just a personal feud. Sting likely to replace The Undertaker this year as the legacy HOF star wrestling on a rare occasion in his first WWE match.

    • John Cena vs. Rusev

    John Cena defending America vs. the anti-American heel seems like the way they’ll have to go if Cena isn’t facing Brock Lesnar or Seth Rollins. What other heel is left? I think it would work well. I mean, the USA vs. Rusev storyline worked with Jack Swagger of all people. I can’t imagine Cena not playing that card well.

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    All Aboard the S.S. Strong Style: What To Do Now That You’re Ready To Accept Shinsuke Nakamura As Your Pro Wrestling Lord and Savior

    Shelly Deathlock cares too much about Japanese wrestling and, as Captain of the S.S. Strong Style, she’s here to welcome you on board and fill you in on what’s going on in the world of puro.

    Antonio Inoki is no longer here.

    Strong Style lives within me — I am Strong Style personified.

    For the fans that remain, and the fans that shall be.

    – Shinsuke Nakamura

    Maybe you just watched Wrestle Kingdom 9, saw Shinsuke Nakamura enter the Tokyo Dome in a crown and cape and wrestle an incredible match and proceeded to completely lose your shit and vow to name your firstborn after him. Welcome to the club! [EDIT: This post has been updated in May 2015 to account for all the people who lost their shit and became overwhelmed by Nakamuraness during the US/Canada tour, okay thanks.]

    One of the best things about being on the Shinsuke Nakamura bandwagon is that I, Captain Deathlock of the S.S. Strong Style, will boma ye the hell out of anyone who wants to treat you badly for being a newbie, a fangirl or for just asking too many questions.

    We’re family now, so I want to help you get started and support you when you feel like you just can’t deal with your life anymore because Shinsuke Nakamura is tearing it apart with every five star match he wrestles and making you reconsider your entire being as a wrestling fan and everything you knew. I know, I know. Come here, it’s okay to cry.

    Let’s get started.

    Shinsuke’s wrestling:


    Shinsuke connects with fans on a number of levels, but if you’re here, you’re primarily in this for the wrestling. He has lots of that, and he would appear to be the best in the world at it right now [ever – ed].

    If you haven’t yet, watch Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Kota Ibushi at Wrestle Kingdom 9 right now, as it is a beautiful display of everything he does best: grace, storytelling, flawless technicality, brutality, and downright nasty arrogance. He’s always like this, and we are so lucky to have him. That Ibushi kid is alright too.

    One very good idea is to subscribe to NJPWWorld (there is an ENGLISH SIGNUP PAGE now!) and reference SenorLARIATO’s list of great matches available on the service. A number of them include Shinsuke, naturally. You should aim to see every big Shinsuke match from 2014 at least. Then you can go back through the years and fill in the rest of the hole in your heart where Shinsuke never was and now needs to be.

    NJPWWorld is adding more content all the time, but not a whole lot from before 2011 is up yet for Shinsuke. Here are my 2014 favorites:

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