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    Over/Under: 9/23/2013

    Is it possible to predict the future of the wrestling world? Given that ‘plans change’ might as well be the official motto of the WWE, this might be easier said than done, but in Over/Under, we’re still gonna try!

    Each week, we choose five scenarios and predict how likely they are to come true, by saying whether it’s ‘over’ (i.e. we think it’s over the odds that it’ll happen) or ‘under’ (i.e. we think it’s under the odds). With usual site member @TomBlackett on sabbatical, we have @BradWardFGN here to replace him for the week. He’ll join usual members of the site @TimWelcomed and @typicalROHfan to embarrass themselves by being the ones to make the predictions.

    January 26, 2014: The date John Cena returns

    The rumors are that John Cena will return at the Royal Rumble, which is slated for January 27, 2014. Cena has a history of returning from injuries way earlier than expected.



    John Cena always comes back early but I think he’ll be back at the Royal Rumble this year. I don’t dislike Cena at all but I have enjoyed him not being around for a bit. He needed some rest anyway.



    John Cena‘s history of injuries usually result in a shockingly early return but I don’t see it happening this time. Due to being older in age, protecting him for Wrestlemania and the current storyline going on.

    With someone important (Triple H) involved in the feud, I think the boss (Triple H) will give them (Triple H) more faith in running time until Cena comes back around the time of the Royal Rumble giving a bit more time to get ready for WM season.

    My prediction would be Cena is hyped to return at the Royal Rumble but ends up getting eliminated via underhanded tactics by Triple H’s group leading to either a WM match vs. Orton for the title or vs. Triple H in an attraction match.



    This is a weird one because you have Sheamus returning around the same time frame and you want to give the Cena Wrestlemania feud enough time as possible.

    For that reason, I think Cena may return later. I think he’ll return the day after Royal Rumble.


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    4 ON 4: Non Wrestlers In Pro Wrestling (Gabe Sapolsky, Larry Legend, Denver Colorado, Joe Dombrowski)

    Welcome to the latest edition of Four on Four. This week, we have a really cool theme. We’ll be talking with four NON-Wrestlers with important roles in the wrestling business. Promoters, bookers, ring announcers, commentators, DVD producers. We have a great panel so let’s meet them!

    Gabe Sapolsky: Booker of Dragon Gate USA and Evolve. Non-wrestler in wrestling since the ECW days.
    Follow him on Twitter (@BookItGabe) and check out Evolve 23 and Evolve 24 in the NYC area and on WWN Live iPPV this weekend.

    Larry Legend: ROH backstage correspondent. Ring announcer in many indepedent promotions. Price is Right contestant.
    Follow him on Twitter: @blklkp and check out his website.

    Denver Colorado: The man, not the place! Promoter/booker of Beyond Wrestling. Non wrestler of many trades in wrestling.
    Follow Beyond Wrestling on Twitter: @BeyondWrestling and Facebook. Check out Beyond Wrestling! It’s really cool.

    Joe Dombrowski: Producer & Host of The Montreal Theory and PRIME Wrestling TV. Occasional ROH commentator.
    Follow him on Twitter: @joe_dombrowski and check out The Montreal Theory. Here’s a GREAT clip of Joe getting (our fav wrestler) Paul London’s Montreal Theory.

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    WCW Comic Book Reading Club: Issue Two, Page 2

    WCW: The Comic Book was published in the early 90s by Marvel Comics. Nobody in wrestling or comics paid it much attention, and after 12 issues, it was cancelled and lost to the ages. Until now.

    On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, @tomblackett will post a new page of the WCW comic with his comments and we’ll read through it together. We’ll be there for each other, through the good (Vader! The Steiners! Sting! Cactus Jack!) and the (Johnny B.) Badd.

    WCW: The Comic (Issue Two, Page 2)


    WCW: The Comic is probably the property of Marvel Comics / WWE, though I’m not entirely sure. This website makes no claims to own it; all panels and images are posted in the spirit of fair use and are the property of their respective owners and creators. Continue reading

    ROH Death Before Dishonor XI Preview

    ROH crowns a NEW World Champ in Philly this weekend. Who will it be?

    Let’s run down the card.


    Adam Cole vs. Tomasso Ciampa:

    I can see this being a “Match of the Year contender” very easily. Adam Cole is obviously stellar and is becoming a fixture in the upper echelon of ROH. Tomasso Ciampa has looked excellent since his return to ROH and it would be hard to dispute this is the biggest match of his career.

    This match made the show so appealing to me when I was considering making the trip to Philly that unfortunately fell through. I really expect a special match here and I hope whoever wins is the person to become ROH Champ.

    Interest Level: 10/10
    Prediction: Adam Cole advances.

    Michael Elgin vs. Kevin Steen:

    Much like the other semi-finals match, this should deliver. Michael Elgin has great matches every show and Kevin Steen is the biggest star in ROH at the moment. It’s hard for that to not deliver.

    Unlike the other match where I can see the very slight chance of a Ciampa upset, I don’t think there’s any way Elgin doesn’t advance. We’ll break down the finals later.

    Interest Level: 8/10
    Prediction: Michael Elgin advances. Continue reading

    Match of the Week: Sid vs. The Dudley Boyz (ECW Living Dangerously 1999)

    Many sites have a match of the week but ours is a little different. These matches are the ones that are fun to watch… in the non-traditional way.

    This week, we’ve chosen Sid vs. The Dudley Boyz from ECW’s Living Dangerously ’99. Members of the site @TimWelcomed, @typicalROHfan and @TomBlackett give their (lack of) expertise on the action.

    Part 1: The entrances.



    The Bully, Brother Bubba Ray is in the ring being his normal self. He thinks there’s no one up to the task of going against The Dudleys. Well, he’s wrong. Sid Vicious is here and he’s jacked and ready to attack, brother. The crowd goes wild. This crowd always goes wild.

    He gets in the ring and Bubba Ray throws a homophobic slur at him. Glad he nipped that in the bud after this. He would go on to never throw that word around again. Not really. The match begins.


    Unnecessary swearing and blatant homophobia. This is E-C-Fucking W!

    The thing I loved most about ECW fans were that they’d bury WWF and WCW relentlessly but when someone like Sid or Scott Hall appeared, they lost their minds cheering. Sid was probably clowned on for a lack of moves or botching promos yet they couldn’t cheer any louder for THE Master of the Universe.


    Who is Judge Jeff Jones? Does it matter? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Anyone who brings Sid to ECW is a hero. The reaction he gets is insane and Sid’s first words in the promotion are monumental:

    “There’s no man fucking tough enough?! There’s no fucking man bad enough?!

    Bubba spits out some grotesque homophobia, before D-Von inadvertently buries his face in Sid’s monumental rack. It’s the classic fable of a gross bigot and his half-brother against a curly blonde haired goliath! Continue reading

    Awkward Moment of the Week: 24 Hours With Sunny

    Let’s be honest. Wrestling is weird. This a feature that highlights the pictures, videos, tweets and moments from the wrestling world that feels too weird to be true.

    This week’s awkward moment is 24 hours of Tammy “Sunny” Sytch’s Facebook statuses. With past Sunny social media making the awkward rounds, a reader suggested this be a follow up sequel. We couldn’t not oblige.


    Going into a date with honorable intentions, Sunny finds some bad luck.


    She just wants to meet her soulmate. Help the case of love, Celebreality TV!


    Unfortunate situation but her play by play is stellar enough to make recently forced away retiree Jim Ross jealous.

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    Sexy Wrestler of The Week

    Ladies and Gentlemen, grab a hand full of rice, throw it in the air, and think about all of the times you’ve wondered “does this scarf properly represent who I am as a person?” That’s right. It’s time to name your Sexy Wrestler of The Week!

    Before we get to the juice, let’s chow down on some news; the regular writer of this article is on sabbatical for the rest of the month. He’s gone to France to drink the finest of wines and said something about  going to “ScooterCon”, whatever that is.

    He has put me in charge of posting the results for Sexy Wrestler of The Week until he gets back. He left me with a stack of Adam Cole pictures. He was very specific about how much he cared about them and winked at me. With that said, let’s unveil the winner! You’ve done well with your pick this week, if I may say so myself. Now, without further ado…


    Presenting your new Sexy Wrestler of The Week, Prince Devitt! I was a little surprised by this considering I was told that Adam Cole always wins this but I couldn’t be happier. You all voted on the same person I would have picked. He is, without a doubt, the sexiest wrestler and here is the proof that he is to you too!

    The Merch Table: Foam Finger Special

    Wrestling companies make merchandise. It’s usually pretty bad, but sometimes, it’s terrible. Welcome to The Merch Table.

    Every week, @TomBlargh will look at some of the awful merch that someone expects you to buy. Up this week: FOAM FINGER SPECIAL.

    There’s no item of wrestling merchandise that’s rendered so immediately useless once you leave the arena quite like a foam finger. Think about it; while you might not be waving your Joseph Park rally towel once you leave a show, it can still become a serviceable face towel or dish cloth when you get home. DX glow sticks come close to being as worthless, but at least they might come in handy if you’ve got plans to go to a rave later that evening.

    A foam finger though? Well, short of being used by Miley Cyrus for entirely unseemly purposes (OH SNAP, TOPICAL REFERENCE), there’s really not much you can do with it unless you’re actually at the show.

    However, that gives foam fingers a certain pointless purity that I admire as a professional merchologist, so I think it’s worth looking back at some of the best (but mostly worst) foam fingers in wrestling history. LET’S GET STARTED.

    Hulk Hogan foam finger, torso and ear


    This is almost a fun little microcosm of the differences between WWF and WCW way back when. Above, you see the Hulk Hogan foam finger that WWF sold. Pretty much what you’d expect, right? Yellow and red, ‘#1’ on the finger, Hulkamania on the palm. Simple but classic

    However, once Hulk jumped ship to WCW, they started producing their own foam novelties for the Hulkster and… well, this is what happened:


    Your first option was a foam representation of Hulk’s torso, so you could stick your hand up inside him and pretend you’re a twisted giant who likes to tear professional wrestlers in two and use the top half for puppet shows. It’s nothing on the second option though:


    That’s right, it’s a giant disembodied ear and hand that looks COMPLETELY UNSETTLING. Whenever there was an option to mess with a working formula to make things terrible, WCW took it, and that’s why we miss them. Continue reading