• Brad Ward’s Podcast Adventures: WasimCast (8/13/2015)

    Our friend and favorite wrestling superfan Brad Ward has dipped his toe into the world of podcasting and TJ Hawke is here to recap the astonishing results. Take it away, TJ!


    Brad Ward, noted Cesaro cosplayer, is one of the premiere content providers on Twitter Dot Com. However, anyone with good sense knows that you must diversify your brand in order to stay streets ahead or you risk becoming a jabroni mark.

    If you’re a jabroni mark, your banter suffers. When your banter suffers, your numbers go down. When your numbers go down, your brand is left in tatters. You might as well just jump off a bridge or sign a contract with TNA at that point.

    Brad has wisely decided to jump into the Wrestling Podcast Game as it looks like it’s going to stick around for a while. What follows is a rundown of Brad Ward giving this WasimCast gimmick the rub by appearing on their pitiful podcast.

    Highlights from Brad’s appearance on the WasimCast

    0:00 – 20:55

    Brad Ward does not appear on the podcast during this period. No reason to listen to it.

    20:55 – 23:00

    Brad Ward graces the podcast with his presence finally, and it immediately leads to a delightful anecdote of Yoshi Tatsu burying Chikara. The magic of Brad Ward.

    23:00 – 24:15

    Brad Ward buries Dalton Castle and explains how he pays for TNA ONO PPVs.

    24:25 – 25:30

    Brad Ward tries to talk about a “bra & panties” MMA fed.

    25:30 – 26:00

    Brad Ward buries Chikara Blu-Rays.

    26:00 – 36:25

    Brad Ward interrogates Brandon about WWN production, including the following comments and demands:

    • Brad Ward wants WWN production to be on the level of WWE.
    • Brad Ward likes a Blue Pants promo where she is covered in blood.
    • “Production. Production. Production.” is Brad Ward’s motto.
    • Brad Ward makes a great joke about WWE owning WWN.
    • Brad wants WWN “tokens.”

    Brad Ward demands that Brandon, a production worker for WWN, make Pentagon Jr. vs. Johnny Gargano happen.

    That transitions to our next topic…

    36:25 – 39:00

    Brad Ward drops MANY scoops on Lucha Underground. Brad explains that no one in Lucha Underground is allowed to work MMA for the next seven years because El Rey may want to put Sexy Star in movies. Also, Desperado is on Netflix. That has something to do with it.

    39:00 – 48:45

    In what was possibly the highlight of the podcast, Brad Ward explains that Triplemania was a “pretty good show” and then insists that the show needs to be broken down, match by match. Tanner yells at him, “Brad this isn’t your podcast! Buzz off!” Brad doesn’t tolerate such fools though and just carries on. Brad is a train that cannot be stopped.

    During this section, Tanner also tries to ask Brad Ward about his Video Games on Earth website. Brad Ward explains that his “day job” (Best Buy) has no-compete clauses in their contracts that prevent him from running a video game website.

    48:35 – 48:45

    Brad Ward reveals he thought this was a 411mania podcast.

    50:30 – 54:45

    Brad Ward talks about his Matt Hardy interview briefly and then goes into some WWE 2K16 scoops. Brad goes on to explain that the video game will be based on the bible while also confusing Morgan Freeman with Denzel Washington. Brad spells out “S-A-W-F-T.”

    55:08 – 57:12

    Brad Ward buries #BigMike’s Journey to Japan and says all of his matches have been DUDs, and then goes on to explain why Kota Ibushi vs. Toru Yano was a ***** match.

    57:12 – 60:20

    Brad Ward tries to explain how to pronounce Japanese names. Brandon explains that he is a Japanese American and that Brad Ward is wrong. Brad Ward is an unstoppable train though and just keeps going. Tanner gets a little racist during this portion. He’s from The South though so we should have expected it.

    60:58 – 64:45

    Brad Ward says, “The best email we got from Gabe last week said, ‘Who is Timothy Thatcher?'” Brad then proceeds to bury Wasim, “Legit everyone in the WWE Universe hates that Wasim kid.”

    66:00 – 69:35:

    They talk about non-WWE video games.

    69:35 – 70:30

    Brad Ward announces that he will be flying to Orlando for an NXT television taping.

    71:10 – 76:15

    Brad tries to explain the NXT taping schedule. He lets us in on a conspiracy theory about Finn Balor and Kevin Owens not being at NXT anymore because they do all their promos from Raw tapings. Brad Ward then gets nostalgic for a time period when he used to be able to remember all the dates for ROH PPVs.

    76:15 – 77:00

    Brad Ward just starts listing all the talent that will be on the WWE house show that he is attending. This was magical.

    77:30 – 79:48

    Brad Ward buries WWN for never updating their website. He then asks Brandon to explain all the stories going on in the “WWN Live Universe.” Brad Ward says he’s “waiting for a hook” to order the shows. He then buries WWN for booking the company around Timothy Thatcher, “Why is he the guy?” This causes Brandon to leave. An unsatisfied Brad Ward also leaves the podcast. Tanner flounders on his own, “What am I supposed to do?”

    – Will Brad continue to podcast? God, we hope so. Until he does, you can follow Brad @BradWardFight and TJ @TJHawke411.