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    WWE Extreme Rules 2015 Preview and Predictions

    Absurd Rules.

    Giving their thoughts and predictions on what to expect from the PPV are members of the site @JoeySplashwater, @TimWelcomed and @TomBlargh.


    Cesaro and Tyson Kidd vs. The New Day for the Tag Team Championship on the pre-show


    Call me a Pointer Sister because I’m So Excited. This match will be outstanding. Imagine the love for Cesaro and Kidd but even better the hatred for The New Day in Chicago! The place will be electric. I’m 100% on board with heel New Day. My hope is for a title change and the New Day Sucks era to take over the WWE Universe.

    Interest Level: 10/10
    Prediction: The New Day wins.


    I’m tired of thinking these pre-show tag matches will be anything I’ll remember in a couple of months. They’re always solid and good for kicking off a show but there’s just a blandness to them. I don’t feel like there are any real stakes and I wish all of these good tag teams were in shown off in a better light.

    Look, Cesaro and Kidd are an awesome pair. I like every guy in The New Day. They’ll go out and do what they do and for that moment it’ll be an enjoyful kickstart to this PPV. I should be looking forward to this match way more than I am. I want Kidd and Cesaro to retain. The New Day gimmick wasn’t good when they were faces and is still not very good with them having ‘tudes. All three guys deserve better.

    Interest Level: 3/10
    Prediction: Cesaro and Tyson Kidd win.


    I’m with T-Man here, the pre-show tags aren’t really doing it for me anymore. It’ll be FINE and all these guys only show up in the parts of Raw that I tend to skip (which is most of Raw, to be honest) so it’ll be fun to see them, but I can’t say I’m particularly excited. New Day’s deal is… I dunno, man. I just dunno.

    Interest Level: 4/10
    Prediction: Cesaro and Tyson Kidd win.

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    Brad’s Wrestlemania NXT Experience

    Find out what everyone’s favorite wrestling superfan Brad Ward did during Wrestlemania weekend. Take it away, Brad!

    (You can follow Brad on Twitter: @BradFGN)

    This year’s Wrestlemania weekend is truly when NXT had its arrival. In past years the NXT fan ring was focused on matches featuring lower card WWE talents but this year WWE brought Full Sail to WWE Wrestlemania weekend in a couple ways. What WWE did was they brought the NXT arena with the apron trons, the jumbo tron above the ring, the ring announcers, the superstars and the championships. In the past the MC’s of the Fan Axxess ringside area would refer to it as the WWE ringside era this time they referred to it as the NXT Universe. NXT while still developmental is now becoming a brand.


    My trip started Saturday, March 28th 2015 leaving from the Calgary airport around 6:30 AM for sunny San Jose, California. The original plan was to attend Axxess only that Saturday Night, but instead we ended up making it to San Jose Convention Center around 1:03 PM, we arrived at the hotel at noon and made it there just 3 minutes later, while we had a massive lineup to make it in to the festivities we made it.

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    ScoopZone Elite: April 22, 2015

    We’ve consulted our inside sources to bring you the best and most EXCLUSIVE dirt on your favorite wrestling promotions from around the world. Unlike other sites, we’ll only bring you 100% accurate and truthful wrestling news every week. We’re still working on our paywall, so please only read these stories if you’re an elite member.


    News for The Week of April 22, 2015


    • Amy Schumer falling to the floor when seeing Kanye West and Kim Kardashian on the Red Carpet was a shot at ex-boyfriend Dolph Ziggler‘s over the top theatrical selling when wrestling.


    • John Cena has reportedly gotten so cocky about getting Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa back together that he’s planning on moving on to a more high-profile case for an upcoming reality show. John Cena’s “Basic Love-a-nomics” debuts on VH1 in 2016 and will follow him as he tries to finally get Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston back together.


    • The Big Show made a lot of fans feel really guilty about their “please retire” chants after Monday’s Raw when the helpful and generous big man was waiting outside asking “who was it that needed a tire?”




    • Triple H wanted Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Seth Rollins and whoever else you like to star in upcoming WWE feature films but Kevin Dunn convinced Vince McMahon to give The Miz all those roles.


    • There are big plans to push Cesaro in light of his recent high-caliber match quality. Or Dolph Ziggler. Or Tyson Kidd. Or Neville. Plans subject to change.


    • The plan for Wrestlemania 32 is to sell out AT&T Stadium.

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    The original entrance video The Miz pitched to WWE revealed. CLICK HERE!


    • TNA is advertising a Knockouts special edition of Impact but it will just feature the greatest moments from alums Tito Ortiz, Rampage Jackson and King Mo.


    • Taz has fired four different managers in the last year for suggesting he let them handle his social media accounts.


    • Lance Storm purposely litters and pollutes the ocean to spite the concept of Earth Day.



    Around The Wrestling World In 7 Days: April 18, 2015

    Every weekend, Joey will give a glimpse of the things that have entered his mind.

    Hi. I have a lot of thoughts about wrestling. I decided to start a concept where I talk about what’s on my mind every weekend. I hope it’s enjoyable.

    Follow me on Twitter and let me know if you want me to hit on any wrestling topics next week: @JoeySplashwater

    WWE Universe


    Injuries happen

    Daniel Bryan was pulled off the WWE European tour due to injury concerns. Rumor has it Bryan has suffered a concussion. I think fans need to back off making strong comments about injuries involving wrestlers and all professional athletes.

    For example – Many are discussing whether Bryan should change his style, start to plan a retirement and are just making critical comments about him. The same happened to Rey Mysterio on a more disgusting level with it becoming common to laugh at his injuries. It makes no sense.

    When your body is dealing with concerns that could effect your career or life, your opinion is the only one that should matter. Second guessing things in wrestling is the nature of the beast but trying to make decision for a wrestler himself is ridiculous.

    Extreme Stupidity

    After an amazing Wrestlemania, I was expecting a good card for Extreme Rules. Early signs indicate it will be a tough task for the show to deliver. The biggest issue I have with it is the stipulation in the Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins main event. A cage match where the RKO is banned.

    The cage match is outdated in 2015. Fans have shorter attention spans and the cage match tends to be a slow story. There’s also so many similar gimmicks in WWE. With the Hell In A Cell match having its own PPV and cage matches being on random episodes of RAW, no one cares about it as a feud ending PPV main event. Worst of all, it constricts the wrestlers into telling a very specific story and limits their athleticism. The RKO being banned is also silly. These guys deserve a better chance.

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    Sexy Wrestler of The Week

    Let’s jump to lightspeed and name The Sexy Wrestler of The Week.

    I’ve been hard at work trying to dig up something newsworthy for the unveiling of the winner this week. It was a long road but thanks to “leaked” e-mails from WWE Studios, I have found something involving the person with the most votes this week.

    WWE Studios actually tried buying the Star Wars franchise before Disney but could not get it done. During the pitch they unveiled a few mock-ups of which WWE superstars would be playing certain Star Wars characters. I have a few here but will only show one this week. I may show more in the future!


    That’s right. The Sexy Wrestler of The Week is Ryback. That was your call… not mine so deal with it. As you can see WWE had mocked up pictures of him as a Wookie in their pitch to grab the Star Wars license. It doesn’t look very good and I hope he wasn’t going to be the new Chewbacca. Rybacca? Not as lovable.


    This Or That (4/15/2015)

    Everybody loves binary decisions, especially wrestling fans! In This Or That, we’ve forced ourselves to choose between two options that relate to wrestling.

    Over four questions, @TimWelcomed, @JoeySplashwater and @TomBlargh will have to choose one of two options and give their reasoning on each of their choices. You can then vote on which one you’d choose, giving you the false impression that you’re somehow involved and we care about your opinion chance to join the conversation!

    Before we start, here’s last week‘s results:

    Which mid-card title reign are you more excited to see play out?

    John Cena’s – 66%, Daniel Bryan’s – 34%

    Would you rather?

    Listen to the first 20 minutes of a Chris Jericho podcast – 61%, Watch another 20 minute Big Show vs. Roman Reigns match – 39%

    Better post-WWE wrestling career?

    Trent? – 77%, Drew Galloway – 23%

    Superior cake?

    Cheesecake – 58%, Traditional birthday cake – 42%

    Should John Cena bring back the “spinner” US Championship belt: Yes or No?

    Do you like the spinner belt?



    I’d love to see a new US title since they are pushing it harder than ever and I’ve never really liked the current design too. I’m also not a fan of Cena’s spinner belts especially now since the “spinner” fad has been dead for a while anyway. I’M NO FUN. I will say the actual strap looked awesome on Cena’s US spinner belt… so they can bring that back.



    Hell yes! The title looks so bland due to the last few years of lame history associated with it. John Cena is already nearing the mark of completely saving the belt. Add a cool new but nostalgic spin (pun!) to the title. The people who will hate it likely already hate Cena so you’ll continue to get the same reaction to his matches. You’ll also send more replicas and we’ll have a cute colorful belt that separates it from the others on television. Do as much as you can to associate this belt with John Cena and the title will be better for it.

    (Hell) Yes


    Sure, but only so Rusev can ultimately stamp it to pieces. I didn’t dislike the spinner belt, I just want to see Rusev smash stuff up.


    Should John Cena bring back the "spinner" US Championship belt?

    • No (63%, 41 Votes)
    • Yes (37%, 24 Votes)

    Total Voters: 65

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    The Devil’s #1 Wrestling Detective Agency: Are AIW and AAW the Same Thing??? – Episode 1

    kanewoeOkay, so I’ve heard some buzz about a certain midwest indie that cannot seem to break into the ROH/PWG/Chikara/Gabe category of “major indies.”

    Over the course of a few months, I’ve casually gathered some information about this company. The official roster page includes talent such as Colt Cabana, Dick Justice, Eddie Kingston, Marion Fontaine, Johnny Gargano, Gregory Iron, Jimmy Jacobs, Heidi Lovelace, Louis Lyndon, Ethan Page, Chris Sabin, & Alex Shelley. On the surface, the company seems to be very into putting on intergender matches, and you get the sense their fondness for doing ECW-like things is less ironic than is desirable. This company’s name is Absolute Int…oh, wait, it’s AAW…wait…it’s definitely called…Hold on, folks. I will get back to you with the name of the company after this brief commercial break.

    Wow, I’ve got breaking news. Apparently, I’ve been very confused for years. The paragraph above allegedly fits the descriptions for two *different* companies! They’re called AAW and AIW. I’ve called around to a few friends, and it seems like they didn’t know they were two different companies either! This just won’t do. I need to perform an all-out investigation into the matter.

    Goal: To determine, once and for all, if AAW and AIW are truly two different companies.

    Method: Watch an (alleged!) AIW show and an (alleged!) AAW show. I’ll switch back and forth between the two every hour. After each hour, I’ll share my thoughts with you, the concerned citizens.

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    ScoopZone Elite: April 13, 2015

    We’ve consulted our inside sources to bring you the best and most EXCLUSIVE dirt on your favorite wrestling promotions from around the world. Unlike other sites, we’ll only bring you 100% accurate and truthful wrestling news every week. We’re still working on our paywall, so please only read these stories if you’re an elite member.


    News for The Week of April 13, 2015


    • Vince McMahon wanted Neville to wrestle with his cape on but eventually backed away as many voiced their safety concerns.


    • Daniel Bryan is being phased off of RAW in hopes fans will forget about him by the 2016 Royal Rumble when someone they don’t like is booked to win.


    • John Cena will be debuting a new US Championship belt soon though it will not be a spinner belt as previously rumored. It is instead shaped like his face with a button that when pressed will play a random recording of him complimenting various states.


    Special Scoops by JetsFan4Ever

    • Triple H just saw that really good match featuring that recent signee from outside the company and he really liked what he saw.  Expect that talent to go to the main roster next week, or maybe in a few months, or maybe after WrestleMania next year.


    • Kevin Dunn hates Finn Bálor‘s body paint. He says it is too messy. I can’t stand that guy.


    • The Main Event locker room held a meeting where leaders such as Jack Swagger urged everyone to step their game up so Main Event can finally compete with Superstars.

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    • Jay Briscoe is staying in ROH over NXT where he will reportedly make more money and be able to wear Confederate flag clothing.


    • TNA says they haven’t been able to pay some of their wrestlers because the people in charge of that are in the process of relocating and also because they aren’t doing well with money.


    • Lance Storm sells worn Dawn Marie and Major Gunns gear on Ebay without their consent.



    All Aboard the S.S. Strong Style: Japanese 101 for プロレス Nerds, Part 3

    Shelly Deathlock cares too much about Japanese wrestling and, as Captain of the S.S. Strong Style, she’s here to welcome you on board and fill you in on what’s going on in the world of puro. Today, she’s introducing you to the Japanese language, which she is not good at at all, but that makes her the perfect person to explain some things to you, since she has no discernible trappings of ego.


    • Part 1 is here, where we learned about katakana, hiragana, kanji, and why we need all of them and just what exactly is going on here.
    • Part 2 is here, where we learned about ring names, catch phrases, and fun things.
    • This week in part 3, we’re covering vocabulary, grammar, and some more fun things! Ahoy!

    A couple of frequently asked questions about Japanese:

    Why is that commentator shouting “hai!” all the time? What is going on?!

    Oh man, it’s called aizuchi and it’s how you politely listen in Japanese! By talking the whole time so your conversational partner knows you’re listening! I think it’s very strange! Fluentu has a good article on aizuchi.

    Here is a father teaching his adorable child how to aizuchi, you’re welcome:

    There are lots of general words you can use to show you’re paying attention — the commentators like “hai” (はい, “yes”), and Okada will そうですね (sou desu ne, “I see”) his way through an interview so hard you’ll wish he’d adopt a new phrase, any phrase, Okada honey please.

    BONUS: here’s a cute gif of Shinsuke Nakamura sou desu ne-ing with his eyes shut.


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    Sexy Wrestler of The Week

    It is time to name The Sexy Wrestler of The Week!

    A week ago I noticed a suspicious folder that was put on my desk at Wrestling On Earth HQ. I’ve been locked out of there for about six months now and only got back in last week when I found my key in an empty bag of Funyuns by my inflatable pool, so no telling how long it has been sitting there.

    I opened up the folder to find a picture. It was a very peculiar photograph to be exact. My first thought was that my ex-roommate was trying to play a prank on me. He is still very angry at me for kicking him out of the house. As I thought about it a while longer I came to the realization that he could not have possibly done this as his Photoshop skills are that of a seal covered in baby oil. Slippery, comical, and nonexistent.

    I realized I needed some fresh air so I grabbed all of the Sexy Wrestler of The Week votes that were left to count and hopped on a plane to my home away from home, Mount Rushmore. I did what I always do when I need some time to clear my head. I set up a tent, tallied some of your votes, and let the stone-faced spirits of the United States flow upon me.

    The iconic Mount Rushmore featuring George Bush, Robert Plant, Sam Elliot, and Abraham Lincoln

    The iconic Mount Rushmore featuring George Bush, Robert Plant, Sam Elliot, and Abe Lincoln

    My third eye was awoken with a sharp blast of red, white, and blue. My chakras were connected by the very fabric that Betsy Ross and her powerful hands forged together in a woven fervor to create the national flag. I was The Eagle. I was Plymouth Rock. I was not taxating without representating (yeah, that’s right) and at this moment I knew who I was and what I should do. I needed to go home and party with my friends and loved ones.

    Betsy Ross and her two clones creating "Old Glory"

    Ross and her two clones creating “Old Glory”

    On the plane ride back I finished tallying your votes and when I saw who the winner was this week my mind was blown. It was the wrestler who was in the photo on my desk. Was this a sign? It is Spring so I’m always a little bit too connected with nature for my own good around this time of year. I decided I wouldn’t over-think it. I finally arrived at my house. I then hooked up all of my black lights and started burning my favorite dance playlist “Moby I Did, Moby I Didn’t” on to discs. This was going to be quite the party. No one showed up. A lot of my friends had hair appointments and my sister said some family was in town that she had to visit with so I understood. They would’ve all been there if they could.

    Thi is Moby


    I was a little let down until I decided to look at that picture again. Then it happened. The black lights brought something significant to the surface. A phone number had appeared on the picture. This really was fate. I never should have doubted myself in the oneness of Spring. I called the number and it was answered by popular stump photographer, Leo Mimps. He said he would do an interview with me for a price. Needless to say, here we are. Before I reveal the interview I will reveal that The Sexy Wrestler of The Week is none other than Bray Wyatt. Here is THE photograph.


    Me: What do we have here?

    Mimps: Some glorious stumps, my friend. Exquisitely crafted by years of the harsh environment.

    Me: Ah, yes. But why did you think the tremendous readers of Wrestling On Earth would find this particular photo intriguing?

    Mimps: Harumph, well… if you look closely behind the two magnificent stumps and the dominating alpha tree you will see something peculiar, my dear boy. It may be a bit blurry as it wasn’t the focal point for this work of art but I strongly believe that is none other than Bray Wyatt sleeping in a giant sausage, egg, and cheese McMuffi-

    Me: Be more generic. Our marketing deal went awry awhile back.

    Mimps: Oh, right. Well, it’s Bray Wyatt sleeping in a giant breakfast sandwich from a popular fast food chain.

    Me: It seems to be rotted. I question this as it is known he eats worlds. If he eats worlds and sleeps on food, do you think he may be very confused about how things work?

    Mimps: Look, I don’t know.

    Me: Well, thanks for joining us.

    Mimps: Stay stumping, my good man. I’d also like to take this time to tell your readers about the dangers of dealing with doctors.

    Me: I’m sorry. We are out of time.

    Mimps: I say, boy. Fuck this nonsense.

    So there you have it. He may be an interesting character in the ring but Bray Wyatt is just as wild outside and I bet he smells! That is super sexy in the world of wrestling. I would like to thank Leo Mimps for his contribution although I feel like, for the sake of transparency, I should tell you he seemed like a really bad person and even threw a lit cigarette into the office trash can, causing a lot of damage. He also sucks at photography. Who only photographs stumps? Don’t forget to cast your votes for next week! Bye!